App to Block Calls from Unknown Numbers

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app to block calls from unknown numbers

App to Block Calls from Unknown Numbers

How to block anonymous calls. Are you frustrated with anonymous calls. Looking best advice for is there a way to block unknown callers?

Learn here how do you block unknown numbers on iphone or android mobile phone. Here is the hand guide on how to block anonymous calls. Are you ready for your tips on how to stop blocked calls from calling you or how to block unknown calls on android phone or iphone. Continue your reading on Tech Knol latest technology updates article on mobile development news about how to block calls unwanted are with Truecaller to Block Unknown Calls and anonymous callers.

app to block calls from unknown numbers

Block Unknown Calls with Truecaller Number Tracker – How to Block Call

How to Block Unknown Calls- Truecaller

There are many unknown calls or ads coming on your phones daily and they are quite annoying too. We frequently receive the calls which are completely useless. And the worst case scenario occurs when some frauds call you to expose your sensitive information like Credit or debit cards, PayPal etc. This fraudulence prankster can only be stopped by blocking them. But using our ordinary phone or call logs system, you are not provided with any features that will help you to block unknown calls. Like we use Pokesnipers for Pokemon Go, similarly we need an app to block calls from unknown numbers. Learn how to use Truecaller app to block calls from unknown numbers.

What is Truecaller app?

Truecaller is an app for smartphone which is doing all the jobs to avoid and prevent such unknown calls. There are so many different features of Truecaller which are all related to incoming calls issue. If you receive any unknown number or those number which you have not save in your phonebook, then this app will detect and find out if the call is spam or not. So in this manner, you can either decline or ignore the call instantly.

Truecaller Number Tracker to Block Unknown Calls

Here below in this article we are going to discuss on How to Block Unknown calls using the Truecaller. Truecaller is an app which is actually helping to prevent so many useless and unknown calls. And thus, no doubt they are one of the top downloaded app for both Android and iOS smartphones.

Download Truecaller App free

Well, to block the unknown phone number you should first download the Truecaller app. This is a free to download on Google play store. So let us have quick tutorials for downloading the app to block calls from unknown numbers on your Android device or iphone.

Steps to Download Truecaller App

 To download the App- Click here
 Now you will enter into the official site.
 Click on the Install button to download and install the app
 Once the App is downloaded, create an account using your valid and current phone number.
 Finally, start using the App to block any number you wish.

How to Block Unknown Calls with Truecaller

If you have already had the Truecaller app, then for you to block any calls is easy. Many of the time we finds mysterious and spam calls that are annoying and thus it worth to block them permanently. With the help of Truecaller, you can easily block any number or country code to stop getting calls from them. Here are the step by step guide covered to block calls from anonymous numbers .

So the steps to block the Unknown Calls with Truecaller are:

 Go to the Truecaller app and browser your phonebook
 Now above the screen, you will find a search tools. To the right you will find a shield-like figure displayed on it.
 Next, click on the button to enter into the Blocking section

truecaller number tracker to block calls from unknown

How do you block unknown numbers on iphone or android

 Now in this section, you will find a large blue “+” sign at the bottom right. Simply click to proceed.
 Finally, enter the number of simply select from the phonebook
 And this will block the number permanently.

how to stop getting calls - how to block anonymous calls

How to block unwanted calls

Extra Tips: You can also block the number immediately using the shortcut methods. Just go to the calls log, select the number which is often disturbing and press hold to get the Truecaller option. Click the Block option to block the number.


So these are the complete details by which you can easily Block Unknown Calls using Truecaller app. With the help of Truecaller, you will get features like blocking, tracking and identifying any numbers. And also if you wish, you can unblock the number which you have recently blocked. Thus, using this App, you will feel safe and secured to take on any calls coming from unknown service. Hope you find this Tech Knol article helpful. For more interesting facts or tricks, keep visiting our site.

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