Apple Earpods Review : Experience New Sound World

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This year apple released iPhone 5 with many advancements compared to it’s predecessor iPhone 4S. iPhone 5 has 5 inches large Retina display and even thinner compared to iPhone 4S. One of the biggest advancement is  Apple Earpods. The older earphones were called iBuds which are very flat.

Apple Earpods

Apple Earpods Review

Apple Earpods

Sound – Apple earpods wiring is similar to earlier ibuds. The earpods design is so good,  fits into different varieties  of ears comfortably. We played different tracks and observed there is a huge improvement in Bass. We are able to hear every note of the music in detail. The earpods are not covering entire ears so you can hear a bit external noise.  Still the best noise cancellation available compared to earlier ibuds. In previous ibuds we need to increase volume many times to make the music audible. Apple Earpods are a bit louder compared to ibuds.

Remote and Mic – There is no Remote available in ibuds it has only Mic. The Apple earpods comes with both Remote and Mic using which user can comfortably play/pause/switch music. As you can see Apple earpods has volume controls allowing user to control the volume from the earpods.

Apple Earpods Remote and Mic

Press the middle button to Play/pause the music or video. Press it twice to play the next song or video, press it thrice to play previous song/video. Now you can also wake up Siri with a long press and give commands to siri. The same middle button can be used to answer/end the calls.

In short these Earpods are worthy of buying  for it’s  great Bass, balanced music and attractive design that fits different variety of ears. To grab the Apple Earpods click here

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