Apple iPhone X Price, Review, Specifications, Features

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apple iPhone x specification, price

Apple iPhone X Price, Review, Specifications, Features, Comparison & More

Continue your reading on Tech Knol latest technology updates article on trendy technology news about Apple’s long-rumored iPhone X launched during its 10-year anniversary. Now this Apple iPhone X is available in all Apple retail stores across the world at budget price. Check out Apple iPhone X device price, full specifications, features, comparison and reviews, ratings and offers & More. Find now Apple iPhone x and tech gadgets reviews.

Apple iPhone X Explained

The Apple iPhone X is the special edition as pronounced by the company since its venture into the business marked ten years. According to Time Cook, the specifications, hardware, or the approach that the company put into bringing the model will help it to shape new software and programs for the next decade. So, what does iPhone X make so distinctive from the rest of the models released by Apple? Well, let us find out Apple iPhone X price, specifications, features, comparison & more.

apple iPhone x specification, price

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Apple iPhone X Explained: The Features, Price, Reviews & More

apple iphone x review, ratings, price and spec

Apple shares hit record as iPhone X launches : Apple iPhone x specification and reviews


Interestingly, iPhone released the model along with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models. That was something that no one was expecting, and guess it was all part of the marketing strategy. Regardless of it, it has three models catering to different groups of the society. The key specifications that make it apart from the other two models are:

1. Screen
2. Facial recognition
3. Price
4. Size and weight
5. Camera

Although the rear camera is the same as that of the iPhone 8 Plus, Apple made sure that there is different to the front-facing camera. The tweaks provided include a better lighting condition, portrait mode, animated emojis, and others. Other attraction of the handset is the large 5.8-inch display. Users can now say goodbye to the long bezzels.

The use of the aluminum frame between the glass bodies makes sure that the user is capable of charging the device wirelessly using any Qi-charging device. Due to the addition of the glass body at the rear, there is a slight increase in the weight. It may not seem a big problem for those who are already using bigger gadgets. The processor has improved so, it is the best betterment for iPhone and it’s running composing apps. Also, you can download Garageband for windows now and make music, just on your PC.

Apple is introducing the basic model, consisting of 64GB memory at a price of $999, while the 256GB models will sell at $1149.

Face ID

Of the other concepts, the introduction of the facial recognition was a significant move to attract the consumers. It, thus, helped in expanding the screen size and removed the traditional Home button present on the previous models of all iPhones. The front camera uses 30,000 invincible infrared dots to recognize the owner of the phone. Apple ensured to store the data in the Apple’s Secure Enclave, which is the same as that of the TouchID.


The A11 Bionic receives a major boost to both performance and efficiency. Both are now working in tandem and provide 50% more horsepower on average than the previous model. The 6-core chipset has four cores attending to the performance, while the other two attend to the efficiency.

Retina Display

The 5.8-inch screen makes a drastic change to the viewing experience, thanks to the addition of TrueTone program, which adjusts the appearance automatically according to the ambient light conditions. Users can now watch all their favorite HDR and 4K videos with ease on their iPhone X.

Wireless Charging

Glass body at the rear helped Apple to bring wireless charging. With the introduction of this, there will be fierce competition, and many common areas will add Qi-charging stations for a quick charge.

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