Best Event Management Software

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Being a Star in Your Industry Is a Matter of Having Best Event Management Software

Event management software is a set of business solutions that includes different aspects of organizing an event, from planning to post-event stages where some solutions are end-to-end systems that provide tools for the entire event lifecycle, where apps are focused on specific processes of event organizing, which can include registration, ticketing, floor planning, schedulers, analytics and surveys.

Best Event Management Software

There are no clear distinctions about types of event management software, but can be categorized based on their feature sets that include End-to-end solutions, Free, Open source, Event scheduler, Web conferencing, Polling apps and Ticketing apps.

It is useful for all organizations irrespective of size, scope and industry as it manages various tasks such as conferences, galas, day camps, summer camps, leagues, teams, business events, classes, meetings, universities and sporting events which improved productivity as well as easy event coordination with reduced manual labour and aids in effective internal communications.

Event Management really sounds easy and smooth but the reality is it requires a bucketful of efforts and hard work that goes behind making an event successful is huge. it includes multiple issues which has to be tackled along the way such as managing registrations, sending invites, booking the venue, monitoring payments, printing badges, arranging for meals, keeping the budget under control – to name a few.

To organize everything manually, there will be a huge wastage of both time and money due to which most of the event managers are looking towards technology that provides them a solution – event management software, which makes the event management possible at a reduced cost, and it maximizes resource utilization and streamlines communications.

Best Event Planner services

Event Management Software includes features such as

  1. Website integration
  2. Online Registration
  3. Event Communication
  4. Event Badges
  5. Event Resource Management
  6. Event Financials
  7. Event Reporting
  8. Event Scheduler
  9. Venue Management Software
  10. Document Management

Event Management Software Making Life Easy

  • Allows a business to control event preparation, scheduling, marketing and advertising
  • Organizers have the ability to function the stored data as a group, coordinating events
  • Can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and optimized for security
  • Enables companies to maintain control of every detail in event management
  • Streamlines efficiency and lowers risks
  • Often compromised when utilizing spread sheets
  • Automates management processes and lowers costs involved
  • Eliminate postage and costs that arise from the use of spread sheets
  • Can systematically handle the complexities of any sized event
  • Can easily plan events from fifty to fifty thousand attendees
  • Convenient and highly effective way of improving the management systems
  • Saves time, money, unnecessary problems and undue stress
  • Automate processes increasing your productivity and overall efficiency

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Applications of Event Management Software

Now-a-days, Event Management Software has been a very huge concept with extended solutions and different applications. The following are some of the major applications of event management software

  • Event schedule planning
  • Customized event website creation
  • Online registration and delegate management including online payment
  • Venue selection
  • Procurement, sourcing and RFPs
  • Content management including abstract and/or paper management, reviewing, programme development and publishing
  • Exhibition management including floor planning, booking and billing
  • On-site operations including registration, badges and networking
  • Audience response solutions, live slide sharing and second screen tools as live polls, Q+A, etc

How to Choose the Best Event Management Software?

  • Be clear about what you need: ticketing system or Web or mobile brochure or attendee engagement?
  • Understand different strengths of event management software whether they are more like all-in-one solutions or specialized for a particular task?
  • Check if they are mobile-friendly
  • Read reviews in app stores or user communities
  • Ask for a demo and check how easily you can adopt
  • Check if they are good fit for your event’s type and needs: e.g. conference management, lead retrieval for expo

Best Event Management Planner Software

19 Best Event Management Softwares in 2018

Event Management software will be best if it is relatively easy to use with little setup time, posses some unique features that stand out from other event planning tools. The below mentioned are the Best Event Management Softwares which are by a trustworthy provider, with regular updates, great customer support, and high security.

  1. Scoro
  2. Function tracker
  3. Bizzabo
  4. Planning pod
  5. Etouches
  6. Eventcollab
  7. Eventbrite
  8. Evolero
  9. Azavista
  10. Grenadine
  11. Social tables
  12. Ems
  13. Artifax
  14. Certain
  15. Arlo
  16. Gather
  17. Hubb
  18. Zkipster
  19. ConnectProGlobal

Tips to choose the best event management software

The choice of the platform depends on your needs but there are plenty of variants and some of them may meet your requirements such as

  • An app builder that reaches larger audience
  • You can store the data on cloud which makes it more safer
  • Easily customizable app
  • Networking has been simplified
  • Clean & interactive interface
  • It should be cost effective
  • Reliable in nature
  • Which has excellent support for breakdown
  • It should have all the provisions
  • Innovative in process of execution

events today in the city

Bottom line about Event Management Software

Event management software refers to the software which can be internal software or external software that is used to promote, plan, execute and evaluate events and also faces attendees at different stages of the event such as promotion, engagement or evaluation.

It has been a pillar of the evolution of Strategic Meetings Management software as it revolves around the event management with various functionalities such as project management, team communication, attendee management, speaker’s management, etc. In simple words, it is a generic term for a wide range of software products which are used in management of professional and academic conferences, trade exhibitions, conventions and smaller events like Continuing Professional Development (CPD) meetings.

Events can be prioritized with the Best Event management software as it provides all-in-one solution in order to powering successful events. It eases the process of event management because it is a complete package of planning, scheduling, arranging and organizing the plan in a hassle free manner with some major applications such as business matchmaking, event registration, onsite management, lead retrieval and event mobile app.

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