Blogger SEO – The Complete Guide

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These days creating a blog is pretty easy. There are many websites like Blogger and WordPress providing blogging services. Just register, give your blog a name and publish few posts, that’s it your blog is online. Your blog is your voice and you want your voice to be heard by large number of people. To reach more number of audience one must implement SEO.
Blogger SEO

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is nothing but optimizing your website or blog’s content in such a way that it should be search engine friendly. In the sense it should appear in search results. Every one can’t remember your blog’s url until it becomes familiar with the netizens. So visitors should reach your blog through search engines only. Now I will explain SEO implementation on your Blogspot blog. For ease we divided Blogger SEO into different levels. Now I will explain all the levels of Blogger SEO in detail.

1. Blogger SEO – Post Title

Give your post a title which suits to your content. We recommend you to do some Google search so that you will get an idea how related posts are there on the web. Your post title should be more descriptive and it is highly recommended to include your target keyword in the post title. In a survey by Moz it is revealed that post with keyword at the beginning of the post title are performing better in search than rest. For example I want to publish post on Blogger SEO then I will choose my post title as “Blogger SEO – The Complete Guide”.

Blogger SEO - Post Title

2. Blogger SEO – Permalink

When you publish a post Blogspot automatically generates an url from the post title. But if your post title is lengthy url will be broken. For this blogger introduced permalink where bloggers can provide custom url to their post. It is recommended to include your post url. That too keyword at the beginning of your post url will be a good ranking factor. Read our post Permalinks for Blogger blog.

Blogger SEO - Custom Permalink

3. Blogger SEO – Post Content

In order to get more traffic to your blog we recommend you to use Google adwords Keyword Planner. It gives how search patterns are going on for a particular keyword or phrase and how much search traffic particular keyword is getting. Use those keywords in your post. Don’t publish content for search engines, publish content that people love. Your post should solve visitors problem for which they visited your blog post.

**Note: Too much usage of Keywords will be considered as spam which is called keyword stuffing. So use keywords optimally.

4. Blogger SEO – Headings

Use headings and sub-headings properly in your post because search engines consider headings as header tags. Use your target keyword in the heading tag which is one of the seo tactics. You can find heading options in Text format options available in Blogger post editor.

Blogger SEO - Headings

5. Blogger SEO – Search Description

When we search for something we will see under each search result some description available that is called search description. By seeing search description user gets an idea of what that particular post is about. In Blogspot post editor you will find search description field on right of the screen. Provide 2-3 lines of catchy description about your post and try to use your keyword in the search description.

Blogger SEO - Search Description

6. Blogger SEO – Image Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your blog’s images is also a search engine optimization. The optimized blog’s images will appear in google images search. When you upload any image to your blog just click on the image, click on properties and provide Title, Alt attributes. Read our post on Blogger blog image search engine optimization.

Blogger SEO - Image Optimization

7. Blogger SEO – Labels

As a blogger you publish posts on different topics. It is important to categorize your posts based on the topic. For example If you observe this blog you will find How To, Blogging Tips, SEO on top of this post. These are the few labels which I used to categorize my posts. You will find Labels in Blogger post editor right side under Post Settings.

Blogger SEO - Labels

8. Blogger SEO – Custom 404 Page

While browsing we often encounter page not found(404) error. This is frustrating to users. Creating a custom 404 page is also one of the search engine optimization techniques. Read this post to know how to create a custom 404 page in blogger blog.

Blogger SEO - Custom Page Not Found

9. Blogger SEO – Sitemaps

Okay you published a post and what next? Search engines crawl better if you provide a sitemap in order to index in their websites directory. A sitemap provides an in detail structure of your website or blog.  Visit ctrlq, enter your blog url and generate the sitemap. Copy and paste the sitemap in google and yahoo webmaster tools. Read the complete post on  how to submit website or blog to Google, Yahoo, Bing.

10. Blogger SEO – Authorship

Google authorship is the great way to showcase the author of the post in search results. It increases trust and CTR (click through rates) in turn increases search rankings. These days newly created Blogspot blogs are coming with Authorship features by including a Google+ profile badge as shown in below picture.

Blogger SEO - Authorship

Else visit your Blogger Layout, click on Add a Gadget and add a Google+ Badge as shown in below picture. That will add authorship to your Blogspot blog.

Blogger SEO - Google+ Badge

Following picture shows the complete Blogspot blog optimization steps.

Blogger SEO


Although Blogger blogs get search engine priority it is very crucial to implement all the seo tips discussed in this post. If this post helped in optimizing your Blogger blog you would be doing a huge favour by sharing this post on Facebook and twitter and leaving us a comment.

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