Blogger Template Corrupted – How to Get Default Blogger Template?

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Today I tried to change my blogger template, but unfortunately it went wrong. My blogger data post template got corrupted. I lost all my blog posts. I almost decided to delete my blog permanently. Then I got an idea to reset my blogger template to default template. There are 2 ways to reset your blogger template to default template. But before doing changes to blogger template we strongly recommend you to take backup of your template so if anything goes wrong you can restore it. Check out our post  How to Backup or Restore Blogger Template?

How to Get Default Blogger Template?

1. Go to your blogger Dashboard, click on Template and then click on Edit HTML. Next click on Jump to widget and then click on Blog1 widget.

Blogger Template Blog Widget

Then look for following code in Blog1 widget.

<b:widget id=’Blog1‘ locked=’true’ title=’Blog Posts’ type=’Blog’/>

Blogger Default Template

Replace Blog1 with Blog2 in the above line and click on Save template.

After changing, template code line should look like below:

<b:widget id=’Blog2‘ locked=’true’ title=’Blog Posts’ type=’Blog’/>

Reset Corrupted Blogger Template

2.  Go to your blogger Dashboard, click on Template and then click on Edit HTML, click on Revert widget templates to default as shown in below pic. Then a popup will display all the widgets. Select all the widgets including Blog1, click on Revert selected widgets and finally hit Save template.

Revert Blogger Template Widgets


You can reset blogger template to default template by using anyone of the above 2 methods. If you are facing any problem to reset your blogger template to default template please leave us a comment we will help you.
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97 Comments on “Blogger Template Corrupted – How to Get Default Blogger Template?”

  1. Hi I need to start over my entire blog page. Is there anyway I can restore it to a blank page. I do not want to delete my account because I want to keep my page name. There are some steps I need to take in order for my home page to appear work properly. I think I deleted my (“original” home page in the when I was trying to add pages to my template. I tried restoring my template and adding a home page “static page” the correct way and it works, but when I try to add the former title of my old pages on my blog, it keeps showing the “entire old blog page for each specific page”, instead of each new category page. For example, instead of showing a new blank page for “Recipe”, it showing “Betty’s Cooking” the homepage of the old blog, including the page tabs. It seems like the page tabs are being redirected the with the old homepage address, without me putting the homepage address.
    I hope this does not sound confusing.

  2. I have only added one post. I want to make sure my website is formatted correctly before I add anything else to it. I just want to reset the entire Blogger website account, to a blank page, so I can start it over. I’m afraid if I delete the account, I will not get the same blogger name I created. The reason I want to start the entire account over is because there is a text widget on the left side bar that is appearing on all of my pages, and I only want it on my homepage. I believe in the process of me trying to add pages to my blogger, the “original home page” was deleted by mistake because I saw a listing for Home Page and Home under the CONFIGURE PAGE LIST, and probably deleted the wrong one, instead of selecting “Hide” Home Page. as for widgets,all of the articles I have found have stated the same thing about putting this and in the EDIT HTLM settings under the widget I want to only appear on the homepage. The steps for adding a gadget/widget on a homepage are not working. I did notice when I restored an earlier template of my website, I followed the correct steps on how to add a homepage without deleting the original homepage, and actually selecting “hide Homepage” option, then I followed the “How to make widgets/gadgets appear only on homepage topics, and it finally worked. However, when I tried to add the additional(same) pages to the newly restored from the very beginning template, it worked. But when I clicked on the other 4 pages, the website keeps sending me to the home page of the blog website that has the widget appearing on all of the pages(basically the blogger website I am trying to get rid off/ restore to default settings). It should be sending me to a blank new page titled for that individual page, not the entire blogger website that is already giving me problems. Maybe it is because I am using the same address/followed by the same page name. Since the “Making a widget/gadget appear on your Homepage ” is not working, with my current Blogger website, I just want to restore/ reset my Blogger website account to the factory settings, and start building my website again from scratch,so I can the correctly add a homepage, make gadgets appear in home page, and add my additional pages without them being sent to the page I have now. I have not yet found a blogger topic on how to do this. Even when I “revert widgets to default, and clear the cache, it still shows the same Blogger webpage. If I can not start my Blogger account website over from scratch, do you know if I delete my account, will I be able to use the same name I did to create my current one, or will it say already taken? It is kind of difficult for me to explain all of this online:(

    1. Monek, in blogger if you add gadgets, those gadgets will be shown on all the pages. If you want to appear them on homepage only it is not possible. You need to coding for this. Go to Layout and Remove all your gadgets. Finally As in my post Revert Template to default using second procedure. You can also Format Template.

  3. I also tried the steps in this forum replacing Blog1 with Blog2 under the Edit HTML and saving it, but it did not work either:(

  4. Can you help me remove the large header in my blogspot? I really don’t know how to fix it. I don’t what happened to my blogspot when I tried editing my Layout. Kindly help. I need to fix this as soon as possible because this is a requirement. Thank you in advance!

    My URL is:

  5. Hi. I have a big problem. I changed the title of my blog, and when I saw it the title had disappeared and there was a huge space before my posts started. You can see it in my blog I’ve tried to restore all the widgets but nothing happened, even with both methods you said. Can you help me? I just wanna have it back in the normal way!

  6. Hi Anil,

    Good post. But I think you missed one VERY important step and that is to save the previous code before editing. This is SOP: copy and paste the code in notepad or some other word editor AND THEN you edit the code or set it to default. That way, when you make another mistake instead of fixing it, you can just go back to your saved code. 🙂 Cheers!

    1. Hi Yesh, I actually published a post on how to backup or restore blogger template but forgot to link that in this post. Will do that now. Thanx for your suggestion 🙂

  7. I tried it but it didn’t work.I have been having a problem with the layout of my blog, My Path Guide(, for a while now. When I install a new template, the old gadgets are still present even after I have deleted the gadgets and previously deleted gadgets show up. I have tried formating the template and reverting widgets to default but am still experiencing the same problem.

          1. Thanks a lot I have seen it. The previous templates I have been using don’t come with widgets. I will make use of a template that comes with its own widget. Thanks a lot:D, appreciate your assistance(Y).

  8. It didn’t work for me…I am forever stuck with scm music player.

    Here is my issue:

    A while ago I installed scm music player. When I recently installed a new blogger template, scm music player wasn’t removed from my blog.
    A few days ago I tried putting a new scm music player playlist, but I can not find the code in my html ANYWHERE. I ctrl+f searched the document and I manually searched it.

      1. Where do I create an Admin Account?
        My issue actually changed now, I was able to remove scm music player somehow but now blogger showcases all blog posts twice on the main page…It is set to showcasing three posts only and I put a page break too for each post.
        Thanks for your help!

          1. Where you able to figure out while all the posts are repeated underneath the actual magazine style layout?
            If this template can’t be fixed, I will have to get another one, but I can’t leave it half done for too long, my readers have been complaining.

          2. Emi, you messed entire template that made duplicate blog posts in blogger layout. I fixed it check now 🙂 Is there anything I can help you?

  9. Hi there,
    I am actually trying to give a new look to my blog. So, recently i made a new template and try to add it on blogger from Backup/Restore. But, the problem is every time i do something like all all old widget mess up with new widget. So, i deleted all widget and uploaded the new template. But still all widget are appearing. then again i deleted all widget old widget and uploaded the template directly from html editor but still didn’t work. So, i thought it might be problem with the current template so i apply to basic template i mean the default templates by blogger and then the widget are still there so i delete them again. Then i again upload it from backup/restore still didn’t work.

    I don’t understand if i am deleting a widget and applying a new template how come all the widgets are coming back. I try to change the browser, delete history cache, even i try to adding another template nothing seems to be work at all. All old delete data messing new data.

    I really need help guys i am trying last 4 days but every single time i am having this issue.


  10. Hi stumbled upon this as I think there is something wrong with my html code. I can’t seem to change my background image as when I do it only comes up in the upper third of the page. Then the rest of the page is my old background so to me this seems like somewhere in my template this old background is coded in there and won’t let me change my background. Please please could you help? I therefore tried to change my template and widgets back to default and it didn’t work at all it still looks the same.
    Thank you,


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  12. Dear Anil,
    I appreciate the help you recently provided. Since you helped, I was able to set up all the gadgets, tabs and social media icons, but now the slider effect on my images does not seem to work anymore.
    I’m afraid of doing something wrong so I thought I’d ask you first if you can guess what the problem could be.
    I have another blog with the same template and ran into the same problem.
    What I changed precisely : added 2 html gadgets (blog feed and tabbed widget), renamed the menu pages, added social media links.
    The slider is supposed to work like here:

    My blogs:

      1. It worked! I removed the tabbed widget! Thank you! 😀

        Do you know of any good tabbed widget where I won’t risk messing up my blog? I am too scared to change anything in the html code of the template again.

  13. Hi there,
    I just read your post and wondering if you could help me solve my problem. 🙁 I just replaced my template with a new one recently but all the old widgets are overlapping and when I tried to use another template, the widgets still remain overlapping. Some of them also displayed right below my blog post while when I checked my layout option, the widgets are correctly displayed in the side bar. I got really frustrated because of this and I have no idea what to do. When I read your post, I’m thinking about whether my template is corrupted. I have tried to clear up history caches so many times and also applied your suggestion on my template but it didn’t seem to help. I also tried to revert back to classic template but the result is still the same.Is there any way to solve this?

    thank you very much,

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  15. I accidentally deleted all of my CSS, everything in between the tags, i’ve copied the CSS from an existing template but blogger says there are errors. Is there a default CSS i can use?

  16. Hi Anil

    I followed your above given steps to restore my blog but it has added quite a few elements that I can’t remove. PLEASE HELP!
    1. In my layout i’ve got TWO BLOG POSTS, so on the page after it finishes, the posts start again!
    2. There are five gadgets/widgets that I can’t remove from Blogger-layout


  17. Hello Anil!
    Thank you very much for your posts!
    The problem that I have is the following. It seems that I created a automatic redirection between two blogs, in both I am the administrator, and I can’t undo this redirection. So every time I some one goes on the first blog (the one I wrote above in the form) he/she will be automatically redirected to the other blog. I don’t know how I did this. I entered the template but I couldn’t find the “error”.
    I already refilled the contact form where I wrote you the name of the second blog and I alredy added you as an author to my blog.
    Thank you very much in advance for your help!
    Kind regards

  18. i have an a problem .. my blog .,when i click post readmore information but it could not open Dns error are apper…
    how can i solve it ..

  19. Hello,

    I need your help. I messed up my blog template though when I check layout it all seems fine but when blog is visited it has just killed the presentation for some reason. I think by mistake I ended up saving incorrect HTML for the blog.

    Can you please help me asap. My blog @

    Though all the 3 widgets should be ont he right as they were couple of hours back. I messed all.

    Thanks in advance

  20. hello–Anil Anvesh-i have done the things as adviced by you but the problem remain as it was. my blog template is corrupted and giving error LHS of numeric is null before 29 in data:blog.pageType == ;index;. my mobile side is working.but my layout wiggets are not showing on layout column. please advice how to correct it

  21. I added a background to my blog and now I can’t find the html code to delete it. The website’s tag is still showing up even though I’ve changed the blog to 2 and reset the template. It’s in the top left hand corner.

  22. When I changed blog1 to blog2, in revert widget templates to default, no blog1, listed is blog2. Do I need to put check to blog2?

  23. ARGHH!
    I have a massive issue!

    Stupidly I didn’t save a copy of my code before playing around. It’s a university blog.

    I have somehow edited the code for the blog title – my title is now a font i don’t want and its tiny – I cant change the size of it
    But in addition to this on customise now, when I click to edit blog title – anything I choose changes the post title

    I have so many posts on there that Ic an’t loose I really need help asap! :'( It would be much appreciated


  24. Hi I have been experiencing a few problems with my blog recently, and was wondering if you can help me out. My main problem was that I could not see the comment count on the main page, but then I realized there are few other thing that it wrong with my blogger platform. I tried to do what you advised above and few other things, but none of those things help me restore my blog back. If you have time please feel free to contact me at

  25. hai bro i am mohan blog was corrupted so i was searching about this at last i got this website this actually works. 😀 thanks bro.

  26. i would create you a admin account for my blog. can you please reset my template deleting all the widgets and changes happened to my blog html code.

  27. Hi, pls i need ur help. i tried uploading a banner in my blog. it was bigger than the size of my sidebar so i removed it. the problom now is that my left sidebar has disappeared and the entire blog width is very big. i have reduced the width in template and it displayed well in preview but when i save and view blog it become larger than what i set. pls help

  28. hi @Anil how can i fix my corrupted blogspot, my whole blog has been corrupted due to some scripts of the customized template were conflicting its value of documents. i am thinking of back up the whole blog post content not including the corrupted template.. is it possible i can do that thing.pls help. and if i can what will i do so i can import back those post content in a clean default template and start with another custom template in just the same blogspot domain? i want to preserve my blogspot domain i used

  29. Hi, I change my blog template and i cannot revert back to the original template. My layout is not even showing again. Pls i need your help

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