Blogger vs WordPress – Differences Between Blogger and WordPress

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Blogger vs WordPress - Differences Between Blogger and WordPress There are many websites on the web which provides blogging service of which Blogger and WordPress are famous. Both have millions of users. Most of the times people get confused which to use either Blogger or WordPress? In this post I will explain the pros and cons of Blogger as well as WordPress based on which you can decide which blogging service you should use.

Blogger vs WordPress

1. Blogger is a Google service.1. WordPress is a publishing site.
2. Blogger is entirely developed by Google.2. WordPress is like a community. Everyone can contribute to WordPress.
3. To use Blogger you don’t need any technical knowledge.3. Though initially you feel some difficult in understanding WordPress after sometime you will enjoy it.
4. Blogger is entirely a free service.4. In WordPress sometimes you need to spend some bucks from your pocket.
5. Blogger has many gadgets but those are outdated.5. WordPress has thousands of plugins and widgets.
6. Since Blogger is a Google product any Google product can be deleted anytime without intimation. In such case all your efforts will go in vain.6. WordPress is highly secure and reliable.
7. It’s difficult to customize your Blogger blog unless you know a bit coding.7. Where as you can customize your WordPress blog using plugins and widgets.
8. Blogger is self hosted by Google.8. Many web hosting sites has 1 click installation for WordPress.
9. Blogger blog gets some search priority since it is a google product.9. In the long run you can implement better seo on WordPress and thus you can get good search rankings.
10. Compared to WordPress less number of users.10. WordPress has large number of users.

My Experience with Blogger and WordPress

I have 1 year Blogspot experience and 2 years WordPress experience. Initially I thought WordPress is a complex platform and that’s why I started this blog with Blogspot. In beginning days I was very aggressive in bogging. I used to publish minimum a post per day. I published 100 articles in 3 months time. My posts got good response. But when I looked at other blogs I was not satisfied with my blog’s appearance. When I tried to customize my theme I messed up the entire template. Somehow I reset my Blogger blog template. It’s difficult to include categories in Blogspot blogs and I didn’t like the post’s url structure in Blogger which is domain followed by date followed by post. Blogger gadgets are outdated and most of the times I used only HTML/Javascript gadget.

Another big issue with Blogger blogs is Google deletes your blog anytime without prior intimation. Because Google has the right to delete any Google product without prior intimation. I have seen many high Page Rank Blogspot blogs got deleted in single night. Google first deletes your Blogger blog and then sends an email “you have a spam blog”. In such cases all your efforts will go in vain. Blogger search engine optimization is slightly different from WordPress search engine optimization.

Later I read lot of articles about WordPress and how self hosted WordPress powered blogs can do wonders in long run. Then my next target is to safely migrate from Blogger to WordPress. Immediately I bought a hosting account, installed WordPress on it and migrated my Blogspot blog’s posts to  WordPress. Though it took sometime to understand WordPress completely but I felt it’s a worthy move 🙂


If you want to build a professionally looking blog and if you can spend some $100/year then go for self hosted WordPress. I’m sure you won’t feel regret at any point of time. If you can’t afford then go for Blogger. Hope now you got some idea on where to land your first blog. If you find this post helpful do us a favour by leaving a comment and sharing this post with your friends 🙂

9 Comments on “Blogger vs WordPress – Differences Between Blogger and WordPress”

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