10 Blogging Benefits – Why Everyone Should Blog

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Earlier when I was a school kid one of my fellow neighbour friends used to study in an English medium school. They used to maintain a dairy to note their homework and activities. My dad used to write a diary writing his memorable incidents in the day and he also used to write what he should do in the next day. In Earlier 90’s celebrities and famous people used to publish their autobiographies mentioning their habits and most memorable incidents in their life. From the mid 90’s people started adapting technology to their life. Blogging didn’t exist before 1994. The first blog was created in the year 1994 by Swarthmore college student Justin Hall. In the year 1999 Google rolled out Blogger, first free blog creation service. In 2003 Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little founded WordPress free blogging and CMS (Content Management Service).

From then digital content has got more important. Celebrities and famous people started creating micro blogs to publish their memorable incidents in life and at work. Later common people started sharing their knowledge in which they are expert via blogs. These days many people are using blogs for making money. From my 3 years blogging experience I found blogging can benefit in many ways and everyone can blog. Following are the various advantages of blogging.

Blogging Benefits - Why Everyone Should Blog

Blogging Benefits – Why Everyone Should Blog

1. Improves Writing Skills

When I published my first article it took over 8 hours for me to complete the article. When I look at the article now I feel it needs to be republished with more quality content. Because 3 years back I was not so fluent in English and my posts are also not in detail. Now I can publish a 500 words article in 90 minutes and as you can see I’m maintaining the quality through out the post.

2. Global Exposure

Once you publish a new article it will reach more audience via social media sites and thus your content gets global exposure. People from different countries will comment on your blog and you will revert with your comment, thus you will become more interactive by interacting with people from different communities.

3. Makes You  Technically Strong

Initially I started my blog on Blogger thinking WordPress is a bit tough to manage. But later I migrated to WordPress for better look and tools. As you keep on customizing your blog and introducing new features you will learn more technical stuff like SEO, plugins, themes, software tools and money making techniques etc. Thus you will become technically strong.

4. Networking

Blogosphere is very vast. Once you start Blogging you will get to know Bloggers in your niche. You will connect to some pro bloggers and mutually exchange ideas. I attend some Bloggers meets occasionally where I meet some of my Blogging friends personally and we will enjoy by participating in some fun activities.

5. Get Some Goodies

If you blog consistently you will get some goodies of your niche. For example if you are life style blogger you may get free make up kits, if you blog about computer software you may get free license to your favourite software. Some top companies may ask you to review their newly launched products in return of some free goodies.

6. Steady Income

Few bloggers made blogging as their full time job and getting steady income. They are following different ways to earn through blogging. Earning through different affiliate programs and earning through Google AdSense etc.

7. Business Growth

Blogging keeps any website active that’s why it is highly recommended that every Business should run a blog of their niche. Especially online businesses should a run a blog on their business website. Blogging drives more targeted traffic towards your business thus you can increase more sales.

8. Unique Online Identity

As you keep on publishing quality articles and get loyalty readership you will become an established author in your niche. When people search for you or your blog there will be lot of information to read. Over a period of time you will become an expert in your field and you may receive some awards or career opportunities etc.

9. Everyone Can Blog

From kids to older people everyone can run a blog. Kids can improve their memory power, grammar and writing skills. Youngsters can share their subject knowledge or creative thoughts to the world. Middle aged and older people can share their life experiences to the online people. A photographer can share and sell his work. An artist can create his online portfolio etc, like wise Blogging is helpful to everyone.

10. Helping Others

Through your blog you are not only improving yourself, you are also helping others to solve a problem or feeding information they need. You will respond to readers queries through emails or by replying to the comments.Thus you will establish a two way communication between readers and the author.


Blogging is the only one platform which fits and benefits people of all the ages, and every business which is online. For blogging you don’t need any technical skills, you just need to identify your area of interest and start publishing your content. Then what are you waiting for start your blog today.

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