Top 10 Websites You should Bookmark now

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Top 10 Websites you have to Bookmark now

We are living fast lives, even if we like it or not or as a matter of fact, know it or not. This also means that we are constantly running to make good of our deadlines. Thus in such scenarios we seldom get the good old time to catch the world as we know it. However, technology comes to the rescue here again by letting us to be always connected through our various gadgets like smartphones, laptops or tablets.

List of Best and Popular 10 Websites you should Bookmark now

In these times of forever connected humanity there is no dearth of knowledge, fun stuff or just great music just a click away. And to help you save some precious time, we have listed 10 websites you should bookmark this year. Here we go:

LifeHack – Most Engaging Content is a place where you find the most engaging content out there from the world of internet. It is website that covers a vast majority of topics with features and articles written in a engrossing manner. We reckon this is among the best websites to visit while you are commuting in those jam packed comes to and fro from your office.

Lifehack offering Most Engaging Content

Find Most Engaging Content at Lifehack, one of the Top 10 Websites you have to Bookmark

LifeHack – One of the Top 10 Websites you have to Bookmark

The website broadly classifies its content into eight categories – Communication, Lifestyle, Relationships, Motivation, Health, Productivity, Work and Quotes. If you haven’t visited this website yet, then we recommend you to do it straight away and you wouldn’t be disappointed.

ScoopWhoop – Quirky Content

We all love quirky! And the ones who don’t admit it are the ones we should be wary of. And when it comes to quirky, there aren’t many websites that does it better than These guys are masters of bringing you the wackiest, weirdest and quirkiest content that is created, designed, and written just to satiate your hunger for random stuff that you had no idea you would actually have liked.

ScoopWhoop - Quirky Content online source

ScoopWhoop – Quirky Content online source

ScoopWhoop – – One of the Top 10 Websites you have to Bookmark

In fact this website has attained a cult following of sorts in a real short time and a brief look at its homepage is enough to tell you why. With around 30 million Indian visiting the site monthly, if you haven’t heard it, then that’s a pretty secluded rock you live under.

Mashable – Your One Stop Tech, Digital and Entertainment place

Content, they say, is the king and the folks behind Mashable know it pretty well. It is a big global, entertainment company present in multi-platform media spectrum. They also have their own proprietary technology which lets them become such a fantastic go-to place for all of your hunger related to the world of tech, digital culture and for entertainment a well.

Mashable, a global entertainment company

Mashable, a content development company

Mashable – One of the Top 10 Websites you have to Bookmark

All this have made Mashable create some of the biggest and dedicated audience around the world and it commands a strong influence because of it. So if you are in the look out to know what the latest and the fanciest in the world, you know what to bookmark.

Let Us Publish – Everything that matters is here

Nothing defines the worth of consistency and quality like the team behind Let Us Publish does, they have been churning out great content for over three years now. This also means that Let Us Publish now is among the best blog in India right now. And its monthly views of more than figures per month, conveniently proves their worth.

LetUPublish, a leading Indian blog online

LetUPublish, a leading Indian blog online

Let Us Publish – One of the Top 10 Websites you have to Bookmark

Once again, here you have a great website that covers a plethora of segments to bring you the happenings from almost every segment you might be interested in. They cover everything you might want to read and know about – lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, technology, politics, startups, automobile, beauty, Bollywood, food, travel, and others.

WIKIHow – To find answers of all your questions

If you look closely into your life, you will find that there are a huge amount of things that you can learn to make it better. This is where something like WIKIhow comes into the picture. Based on a very simple premise and a truly great idea – people like to help other people learn the things they know, WIKIhow is a collaboration of global proportions that brings thousands of people from across the globe to work towards a single goal – teaching the world how to do anything.

WIKIHow - To find online answers of all your questions

WIKIHow – To find online answers of all your questions

WIKIHow – One of the Top 10 Websites you have to Bookmark

In fact WIKIhow proudly states that everything you will read on their website has been written by someone who wanted to help someone learn something new. We reckon there cannot be anything more fruitful than spending time learning something new, as you take that packed metro back home in the evening.

The Logical Indian – Highlighting Real Issues for Real People

Amidst a world in a constant state of political turmoil, it is easy to forget the real issues people around us are facing. This is where we like the effort which The Logical Indian team puts behind their work. The idea and the principle behind The Logical India is to bring forward meaningful information that has a potential in empowering people and to work towards improving our lives.

The Logical Indian - website

The Logical Indian – website. Book mark now!

The Logical Indian – One of the Top 10 Websites you have to Bookmark

Their stories have a potential to bring many emotions in you whether it be surprise, happiness, inspirational, provoking or even just sad. Their stories and research can help bring a positive change in the world around us. Thus no wonder we would to see you bookmark this one, totally worth it.

ColumnM – Motoring Culture

Who doesn’t love automobiles, look around and you will find car lovers and motorcycle riders all over, in your office, during your daily commute, in your facebook timeline, in your Instagram feeds, they are everywhere. In fact, we doubt if there can be anyone who wouldn’t like to know more about this industry that can proudly call itself to be still driven by passion.

ColumnM – One of the Top 10 Websites you have to Bookmark

However, in a world constantly feeding you with almost similar news updates from the world of automobiles, the core automotive culture, it’s incredible history and its undying legends take a back seat. But an Indian website is toiling hard against the trend and is bringing us our daily dose of automotive culture like no other website out there.

ColumnM, thus is a place you got to visit and keep visiting for your authentic automotive fix. If there was ever an automotive website from India to follow religiously than this one has got to be. Moreover, you can also contribute any story or your travelogues for the world to see, what else do you need?

Masala Hub – because Food is God

Come on! You really thought we won’t talk about food in this all important post? No ways. There can simply be nothing better than food and those who say otherwise should be gifted to aliens, as sacrifice, so they can be eaten. Saying that, among the innumerable food blogs we secretly follow we kinda like Masala Herb a lot.

Masala Hub – One of the Top 10 Websites you have to Bookmark

The most important thing that differentiates this from others is that they have not narrowed themselves into food recipes only, but they talk about other stuff like travel, restaurant reviews among others as well. Basically it is a fairly all-in-all sort of a good blog and would suit perfectly in your esteemed book mark list.


What is a list without WIRED featuring in it? We love science and science makes the world works. We are addicted to hoping over at their website whenever we get time and always come back with our minds expanded. Thus it is no wonder that it is among the most famous science related blogs, ever.

Wired - science related blog

Wired – science related blog

Wired – One of the Top 10 Websites you have to Bookmark

There way of creating content is also worthy of appreciation as they try to be as interactive as they can possibly be and this helps in understanding the mind bending world of science.

Penelope Trunk – for that Entrepreneur in you

Lets face it, no one likes their boss and we all truly want to be financially independent and believe that doing something of our own is the best thing (tough, but best) out there. For all this sorts of feelings and desires, we like to visit Penelope Trunk quite often.

Penelope Trunk – One of the Top 10 Websites you have to Bookmark

Penelope is known to be a master of writing about this field and ever since this blog came up, it has become a part of daily lives of the people who want to make a difference in their and others lives. This blog covers a wide spectrum of topics from productivity and management to even getting a new job. Need we tell you more reasons to bookmark it?

Also there are few upcoming online portals and various industry websites are leading and reaching the internet people searching for best content for their requirement. Is your site is offering unique value content? Then let us know your site to list down on this Tech Knol, so add your site here below this article.

tech knol - techology research and advisory company website bookmarkable in Top 10 Websites

Tech Knol – technology research and advisory company website

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