Borderlands 3 Video game is to Release in 2017

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Borderlands 3 is already in development; an announcement may happen in 2017

2017 has seen a flurry of announcements from the gaming industry. The year began with the Game Developers Conference, and it was there that some of this year’s most hotly anticipated announcements. But while most of them would be too technical for mainstream gaming fans to take much interest in, the one that came from Borderlands developers Gearbox Software was easily the one that took the cake in terms of creating hype.

Borderlands 3 video game developers Gearbox Software

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This is because the video demo that the Texas-based studio initiated during the event was a broad hint that the highly anticipated sequel to the 2012 Borderlands 2, known as Borderlands 3, was already in development. In addition, it looked like the long year’s silence that we had been on the receiving end of since the beginning of 2016 had been utilized by the developers to its full capacity. If you are still wondering how we managed to get so many ideas from a single tech demo video, you need to read on.

First things first, the moment that Randy Pitchford took the stage was a decisive one. Fans knew that there was some big Gearbox announcement coming up, but because many of the studio’s announcements last year had been misleading and pertained to entirely different new titles. But at the GDC 2017 event, it was quite clear right from the beginning that the new announcement had something to do with the series. Not only did Pitchford clearly state that the tech demo was taken from a technology that could be used in a future Borderlands game, but the footage that we saw contained stuff that most certainly belonged to a Borderlands title.

Borderlands 3 has been rumored for a fairly long time now, but the video’s contents made it very clear that the game has, in fact, been in development for quite some time. The demo itself was that of a new graphics technology that the studio was developing was being built on the Unreal Engine 4, but the footage used to demonstrate it evoked the Borderlands 3 Game in many different ways. First off, the setting, barren and mountainous, was something very similar to what we have seen in the acclaimed series so far. Moreover, we saw a character, who was wearing a suit from head to toe to protect her identity, who also looked very Borderlands.

But even before we got to the character, we knew that the footage showed Borderlands 3 in its developmental phase, for as fans of the series would unmistakably know, it possessed the kind of comic book-type cel-shaded look that was a trademark of the games that have been released in the franchise so far.

Pitchford did not explicitly state that the footage was from Borderlands 3, but the mere mention of the series leads us to believe that he was, indeed, talking about Borderlands 3. However, there is a reason why the creators have so far been reluctant to name the game.

Pitchford had said in 2015 that the next main Borderlands entry would have to be massive in scale and content to be able to carry forward the reputation of the series with modern gamers. But he had also added that Borderlands 3 might just be called something else, as there were already three games in the set if we include the Pre-Sequel that had been launched in 2014.

Whatever be the case, the good news is that the game that we have all been waiting for is already in development. That also tells us that the Borderlands 3 release date is not too far away. Perhaps the coveted announcement is coming up sometime this year itself.

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