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3 types of businesses which definitely need to invest in fire blankets

Life is unpredictable. You never know what may happen in the next moment and it is always a good idea to prepare ahead, no matter what the situation is! A wise man once said ‘It wasn’t raining when Noah built his arc’, and this holds true in every aspect of our life.

With the passage of time and technological and engineering advancements, many accidents are now preventable but when nature takes over, there is no stopping it.

Fire accidents are preventable but what if one happens in your home or in your office or worse, in a school? Though every building is regulated and has a specific fire protocol, sometimes small fires happen which can be contained by using fire blankets or fire extinguishers.

These measures prevent any untoward incident from happening and it is for this reason only that regular fire blanket testing and regular upkeep of fire extinguishers is required.

What are Fire Blankets?

We all know the importance of having a fire alarm system installed in our homes, offices, schools and other buildings but did you know that small fires can actually be nipped in the bud? You don’t need to be an expert to prevent a calamity. All you need is to keep hold of your senses and a fire blanket!

A fire blanket is a safety device which can extinguish fire in the early stages and if done correctly, can actually prevent fire from spreading. Keep in mind that fire blankets are ideal to extinguish small fires or a fire that has just started. For bigger fires, you will need help from the fire department. Fire blankets are light-weight and heat-resistant, making them ideal to put out small fires.

How do Fire Blankets Work?

For a fire to spread rapidly, oxygen, fuel and heat are the prerequisites. When the fire blanket is placed fully over a fire, it cuts off the oxygen supply and thereby completely puts out the fire. Another way of using a fire blanket is to wrap it around yourself, while exiting a building on fire. This protects you against the flames.

Advantages of Using Fire Blankets

For a fire blanket to work properly, regular fire blanket testing is recommended. They should be correctly located in their designated places such as in the kitchen of your home, an office café, school café and in the cooking stations in summer camps.

A few advantages of using fire blankets are outlined below.

•    They are easy to use and require no formal training.

•    They can be used by both adults and children.

•    They can prevent fire from spreading, if used correctly.

•    They are ready to use and most importantly, they can be reused.

•    They can act as your personal safety cloak when you are exiting a building on fire.

Businesses that Require Fire Safety Blankets!

As mentioned earlier, fire blankets are perfect for putting out small fires and preventing any untoward fire incidents. Here we take a look at a few businesses that can benefit from the use of fire blankets.


When you send your child to school, you send him/her with peace of mind that he/she will be safe. Though all schools are regulated for their fire alarm systems, a fire blanket is one piece of equipment that can help prevent fire from spreading and causing major damage.

Use of fire blankets can be taught via a tutorial to guide the children regarding its use. Fire blankets should be placed in classrooms, the school cafeteria, computer laboratories and chemistry labs. Any location in the school that has a potential for fire ignition should have fire blankets and fire extinguishers.


Just like any other building, hospital buildings are also regulated and monitored. An updated fire alarm system is a must. Though, hospitals are a smoke-free zone, the kitchen areas and cafes are prone to fires.

Fire blankets and extinguishers can together prevent fire from spreading. Furthermore, providing fire blankets in every room can save lives of the patients and staff as well. Keep in mind that in modern buildings, it is not just kitchens and cafes but electrical short-circuiting that can start a fire, as well.

Summer Camps

As soon as summers start, camping trips begin. As much fun as camping trips are, it is always good to stay ahead of the game and be prepared. Summer camps are all about cooking out, building camp fires and using lanterns as a source of light!

There are a lot of fire hazards but fires can be prevented by educating the campers about the proper use of fire blankets. Each camp must have fire blankets and every child should be taught as to how to use it properly and most importantly, not to panic. Before setting out for the camp, fire blanket testing should be carried out.

Fires can be Prevented from Spreading with Proper Fire safety education and training, fire extinguisher classes, fire extinguisher companies brochures, tutorials Regarding the Use of Fire Blankets! Read the fireproof blanket material before getting fire extinguisher services, fire extinguisher ratings and faqs of fire fighting equipment suppliers, etc. Don’t look at fire extinguisher recharge cost always. Prioritize your fire safety of vehicles, home, office and outdoor tent, and household (especially kitchen) purposes.

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