Car Battery Buying Guide : How to Buy a Car Battery

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car battery specifications chart

How to Buy a Car Battery – Car Battery Selection Guide

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Car Battery Buying Guide : Sizes and Things to Remember before Purchasing Best Car Batteries

In the recent past, we have been familiar with the modern technology that has been incorporated not only in high-tier or mid-tier smartphones but also in almost every electronic product. That being said, we all are aware of the fact that batteries are the essential equipment for cars. And in this guide, we aim to talk about battery sizes and the indispensable guide for buying the best car batteries. Before going into the depth of our article on car battery guide, let us know about the car batteries vividly.

car battery specifications chart

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Car Battery Selection Guide

A car battery is of two types- Lead Acid Batteries and AGM Batteries. The Lead Acid batteries, invented in 1895, are the oldest kind of rechargeable battery. On the contrary, the AGM batteries offer cutting-edge techniques like electronic safety and convenience features, fuel-saving stop-start systems and more. Now let us proceed further with the types of batteries that are offered.

Best Car Batteries: Sizes Offered : Car Battery Buying Guide

With the modern-day technology, car batteries are offered in various sizes. These points mentioned below will help you get the perfect car batteries.

Car Battery Sizes

• Size 75 (Side Terminal): Appropriate for General Motors mid-sized as well as compact cars.
• Size 65 (Top Terminal): Mostly for large cars, sport-utility vehicles from Ford and Mercury as well as trucks.
• Size 51R (Top Terminal): Fits most of the Japanese vehicles like Nissan, Honda, and Mazda.
• Size 49 (H8) (Top Terminal): Ideal for the European and Asian cars including BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Hyundai models.
• Size 48 (H6) (Top Terminal): Ideal for many European and American cars from BMW, Audi, Cadillac, Volkswagen, Chevy, GMC, Jeep, Mini, and Volvo.
• Size 47 (H5) (Top Terminal): Perfect for Fiat, Chevy, as well as Volkswagen vehicles.
• Size 35 (Top Terminal): Suitable for the recent Honda vehicles, and most Nissan and Toyota vehicles.
• Size 34/78 (Dual Terminal): Appropriate for the large Chrysler vehicles and the 1996-2000 GM pickups, SUVs, large sedans, mid-sized, and more.
• Size 24/24F (Top Terminal): Perfect for most of the Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Infiniti, Acura, and Lexus vehicles.

Best Car Batteries Buying Guide : Things to Remember before Purchasing

Before you purchase the perfect one for you, here’s the buy car battery guide you need to get hold of in order to go for best car batteries.

• You need to check the size properly. We have given a point-wise info right above, check them carefully.
• To go for best car batteries, ensure whether the battery is fresh or not as cells decay in strength over time.
• The battery that offers a free warranty of longest replacement period is the perfect one to choose.
• Modern day cars require less maintenance than older models. However, we would recommend you to check the load test of the vehicle by a mechanic.

Wrap Up : Car Battery Selection Guide

We have mentioned the sizes of car batteries along with the things to remember before purchasing. There are batteries like ACDelco 78AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 78 Battery, Exide Edge FP-AGML4/94R Flat Plate AGM Sealed Battery, and Odyssey PC680 Battery that are often considered to be the best car batteries. You can go for these 3 or can let us know if there’s any other name on your list of the best.

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Share your car battery selection experience. Share your ideas about how do you know what car battery to buy. What are the things to remember or keep in mind before Purchasing Best Car Batteries. Mention your suggestions here.

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