Computer Crashes – Most Common Windows Errors

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Computer crashes: Which are the most common errors?

The world of computing is very interesting and presents you with something more than the simple virtualization of processes. Computer crashes are the order of the day, but there are some that are much more common than others. Do you want to know what they are? I will mention below to avoid them in your company.

Computer Crashes error Most Common Windows Errors

                                                                Top 6 Common Windows Errors

The most common computer errors

Computers and computers are the topic that has lately been fashionable. Remember that it is a tool that is available to do all the work of your company, but this is what causes some computer errors that may be totally changing your productivity, are as follows:

Operating system failure: This is the most common error and is the most time-consuming. It is translated in the form of blue screen and is initiated by many causes. The ideal is to go to service when the first appears, since it is the beginning of a problem that will cost you a lot of work and money to solve it.

The ‘dirt’ of the hard drive: The most common problem is the slowness of your computer, which is caused (among other things) by the ‘dirt’ of the hard drive. Many files only make the processes increase, so there are more seconds between each initial reading. This computer problem is a real epidemic.

Third-party malfunctions: Computer viruses are an uncontrolled epidemic that you cannot solve. They are the most common and dangerous computer errors, as they also involve internal, personal damage and even theft of company data. On the page there are more issues on this topic.

6 Most Common Windows Errors

Most users who have a computer at home use Windows as their operating system. Over the years has been updated becoming a great product as it was in its day XP or 7, although some of its versions have not liked users like the past Vista. However, it is inevitable the appearance of failures or incompatibilities that have become over time in the most common errors of Microsoft.

Hardware Errors

You will think that the most common errors of Windows are due to the software, but sometimes also have to see the devices you connect. When you encounter a connection error between your computer and an external device, the drivers may not be properly installed. A very simple example you find when you crash a screen and you see the objects out of focus. In this case, all you have to do is check from the Device Manager if the driver is installed correctly. Check it out more about best SSD hardrive.

Errors in the registry

On occasion we have shown you some trick in to solve a bug in Windows 10 in which you had to enter the Registry. It is a part of the operating system that allows you to customize your computer to your liking, but if you are not careful you can cause a serious failure in the system. The best, as we always warn you, creates a save point to return to a previous computer state in case something did not come out as you expected. But the best advice we can give you is not to use registry cleaners of any kind. The reason is simple: if you sometimes venture to make changes in a section that you do not dominate imagine what software can do that eliminates entries.

Compatibility Issues

When you buy a new peripheral or portable memory you do not usually fix if it is compatible or not with your operating system. You simply look at the price, free space available and raisins per box directly. From now on take a look at the compatibility of the hardware since, however new it may be, it can cause damage to the Microsoft operating system. Your computer will stay at a standstill, but it will force you to run your operating system in an older version.

The Famous Bugs

All software has flaws, there is more to see how some video games come to the hands of users on the day of launch. One of the most common errors in Windows is the so-called bugs, which are programming errors within an application. Excessive consumption of resources, constant and prolonged outages or that do not directly allow you to open a program are the most common, but with a repair or reinstallation of the same is sufficient to solve them.

Viruses everywhere

It’s nothing new that Windows has viruses. Errors due to malicious software vary widely, from constant and random reboots of the PC to the taking of control of the same. This is not to say that this kind of malicious programs do not exist for other software, so it is best to install an antivirus to protect the computer. That if you do not even think of installing several antivirus, since you can create an incompatibility error in the system that will not be solved until you uninstall one of the two.

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