computer security tips to protect your personal cyber security

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Best computer security tips to protect your computer and personal cyber security. Be safe from a series of cyber attacks and online threats.

The Ransomware WannaCry is the talk of the town and with a number of other similar cyber threats; it is pertinent to maintain cyber security. Find out how to do it with best computer security tips.

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                                     Learn computer security tips and tricks and Save your Data from Cyber attacks and threats

Recently, the world saw a ransomware attack which affected hundreds of thousands of computers around the world. The major target of this attacks were countries like Russia, Ukraine etc. but it left its mark on more than 100 countries altogether. The hospital and railway networks were affected majorly because of the lack of security observed by these sectors. Continue your reading on cyber threats and best computer security tips, cyber security awareness tips.

While the WannaCry attack was preventable, there are still threats for such attacks which can actually cause some dreadful results. It is the need of the hour that networks should stay safe and opt for some of the finest methods to maintain cyber security. Some essential computer security tips have been mentioned below:

1. Enable Automatic Updates

Install the latest updates for your operating system and web browser and this can be done by enabling the automatic downloads. If you think that this might disrupt your operations, it is better to schedule them during the off-peak hours or downtime.

2. Remove Unnecessary Connections

Keep a check on your computer that it doesn’t have any unnecessary connections with other computers. Your security technology must be able to see all the connections with the rest of the computers including connections through ports or protocols.

3. Reserve Administrative Rights

Only the most trusted users should be assigned the administrative rights and that also if absolutely necessary. To mitigate the risk of spreading the malware, all the users should be given limited privileges. Through the best security technology, it will become possible to segment the access and to escape the chances of being attacked by a malware or ransomware.

4. Backup all the Data

All the sensitive propriety data should be backed up and copies must be made whether on separate drives or on the cloud. Duplicating the data in a secure location is one of the best ways of fighting all kinds of threats to your security.

5. Educate the Employees

Special programs should be developed for the employees so that they can easily identify malicious links, scams, and all other types of frauds. Keep them updated regularly with the latest information so that the highest levels of security and care are maintained.

6. Practice Online Hygiene

Your employees should be trained not to open alien links or attachments in the email. They should only be dealing with familiar links and software so that the chances of any compromise on security are minimized.

7. Use a Reliable Antivirus

There are numerous reputed companies in the market and you must go with the one which has maximum positive reviews.

8. If Hit, Shut Down the Network

To save your encrypted files and escape losing more data, it is better to shut down the entire system immediately.

Even after maintaining all the security measures if you have been hit by such an attack, it is encouraged by cyber security experts not to pay the ransom. This only gives incentive to the hackers and encourages them for future attacks. These tips and tricks are quite useful and are most likely to keep your system safe from such criminal attacks.

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