Different Ways to Earn Through Your Blog

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Earn through blogging
Blogging has become very popular these days. Few bloggers want to earn through their blog. Adsense is most popular way of earning through blog. But these days getting adsense approval is very difficult. As the number of applicants are growing day by day Google made complex rules to protect their advertiser’s policy. We published a post on how to get adsense approval to read it click here.

Different Ways to Earn Through Your Blog

Adsense is not the only way to earn through your blog, there are many adsense alternative programs available on the web.

1. Affiliate Program – Many websites are providing affiliate programs. As an affiliate we place ads of products or services provided by a particular company. When visitor clicks on the ad and buys particular product or service a portion of the price of the product or service will be paid to us. Recommended for high traffic blogs.

2. Pay Per Click – As the name suggests when user visits the blog and clicks on the ad we will get paid. There are many websites providing pay per click. This is also recommended for high traffic blogs. Pay per click is also called CPC (Cost per click)

3. Pay Per Impressions – Impression is nothing but view. We will get paid for the number of ad views, usually advertising companies pays $2 for thousand visits. Ideal  for beginners in blogging. Pay per impressions is also called CPM (Cost per mile).

4. Pay Per Post – As your blog becomes popular companies reach to you to review their products or services. Then you will get paid per post or review, typically the pay ranges from $5 to $100 for a 200 words post. The pay gets increased with your traffic and popularity. Pay per post is also called Pay Per Review.

5. Pay Per Slot – As a blogger you can sell empty slot or space for advertisers so that they can feature their ads on the space. You will get paid on monthly basis. Pay depends on ad size, your blog popularity etc.

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