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Digital Marketing Tools – Use these 8 Effective Digital Marketing Softwares for automating your online marketing

Internet is one of the biggest revolution of mankind and is expanding every day. We use the internet to search, for shopping, and communicating. Apart from general uses, businesses are strongly optimizing digital marketing strategies to uphold their customers.

Digital marketing is a way to advertise through different tactics such as SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Inbound Marketing to influence its end-users.

The main assets of digital marketing are website, blog posts, Infographics, Social Media Channels, Online brochures and look books and branding tools (logos, fonts)etc. few from a lot from online internet marketing.

Why Digital marketing is necessary for business?

Whether you have a small, large or medium sized business, you must have a robust online presence. Digital marketing is something which gives high ROI (Return on Investment) and better conversions.

The digital marketing methods are cost-effective, faster, secured, and reliable than traditional marketing and it gives more opportunities to marketers and customers both. With the help of digital marketing tools we can track results like active service users, consumer response rate, and marketing campaigns performance.

Best Digital Marketing Campaign Tools –  Digital marketing tools list

In this dynamic era, it’s hard to manage time. Businesses are totally time dependent, the more you spend to improve your working goals, it increases the overall success rate. But the question arises how to invest the time to achieve digital marketing success.

Well, we are fortunate to have these easy Digital Marketing Tools that are specially designed to groove our online existence and provide ease of marketing. We have put together a cogent list that we strongly recommend marketers to use it to scale their business growth and marketing campaigns.

Google Trends – One of the best in Digital Marketing Tools

Google trends insights, What are best digital marketing tools

Google trends insights, best digital marketing tools

As the name suggests, it’s a tool from Google to get updated about the latest trends, data, and visualizations. It is very easy to use, as you have to go to the particular website and type the name you are looking for and press enter.

It shows you result on the basis of nearby searches and relevant queries. You can customize your search by places, time-period and categories.

Ahrefs – One of the best in Digital Marketing Tools

ahref tool, What are best digital marketing tools

ahref tool,one of best digital marketing software

This tool allows you to keep an eye on your competitor like from which sources they are getting traffic, ranking keywords, number of backlinks, and website links etc, so that you can take significant actions to improve yours.

It has an awesome feature – ‘Alert’ so each time when your competitor’s site ranks for any keyword, it will notify you. With the help of Content explorer, you can see the most shared content on the web. This best digital marketing campaign tool improves your traffic, tracks rank of the competitor’s website, web monitoring and many more.

MailChimp – One of the best in Digital Marketing Tools

mailchimp, What are best email marketing tools

mailchimp, What are best digital email marketing tools

This amazing tool is one of the easiest tools of email marketing. It creates effective newsletters and auto responders and enforces subscribers to join you. It provides easy campaign builder by which one can easily import and export the list.

You can make an account and send emails for free but it has some limits. You need to upgrade and pay to use auto responders. You can send a few hundred newsletters to your contacts daily and that is a healthy limit.

Sprout Social – One of the best in Digital Marketing Tools

Sprout social, What are best digital marketing tools

Sprout social, best digital marketing software

Sprout Social is an organic social media tool used to enhance social presence. This tool helps brands to communicate with customers, teams and track the effectiveness on social media platforms.

It has a well-organized dashboard with six different sections: Tasks, Messages, feeds, report, publishing and Discovery. One can see trend reports such as hashtags and frequently talked topics from Facebook pages and Twitter feeds.

Nanigans – One of the best in Digital Marketing Tools

Nanigans, What are best digital marketing tools

Nanigans, best digital marketing software

Nanigans is a profit driven automatic software with an emphasis on digital advertising. It leverages your professional network and you can grow the revenues.

It provides access to Facebook ads and also called as Facebook ad automation tool. With the help of this software you can optimize real-time business tools that increase sales, customer acquisition and drive huge traffic to your website.

Unbounce – One of the best in Digital Marketing Tools

unbounce tool, What are best digital marketing tools

unbounce tool – best digital marketing software

Getting conversion on your landing pages is now possible with website testing tools. You can give fresh look to your website by creating new pages.

You don’t need to be a designer to set icons, tweak and publish new landing pages for trial of any product or service of your website with this fabulous tool. You can also customize the available themes to make it in your own style.

App Annie – One of the best in Digital Marketing Tools

If you have an App Development Company or building an app as a starter, this tool is really helpful for you.

You can track competitor’s app in every app store with its coolest feature – App Search Optimization. Make new titles and descriptions by analyzing where your app is ranking for a particular keyword in app stores.

You are free to try new texts in app stores and check out yourself that what turns out fruitful to you.

Facebook Audience Insight – One of the best in Digital Marketing Tools

Facebook Audience Insight, What are best digital marketing tools

Facebook Audience Insight, – FB tools

One of the most powerful social-media platforms is Facebook and we know that a lot of marketers uses it frequently to showcase their services. This tool makes your job easier as it gives you aggregated data about people who are connected with your pages.

Understanding your audience is a favorable thing to get their attention. With Facebook Audience Insight you can understand their interests and provide content as per their needs.

Final Note -Best in Digital Marketing Tools

There are a number of tools available with multiple functionalities. Social marketers optimize them for various needs. You can filter out your choice and pick what suits you.

Make your online visibility better with the help of these awesome Digital Marketing Campaign Tools. If you want to share your favorite Digital Marketing Tools, you can post in the comment section.


Mridul Kabra is a TEDx speaker on the topic of Digital Marketing. He is the Digital Marketing Head at The NineHertz <> and Quadrigo <>. As a Digital Marketing Trainer, he has trained at prestigious institutions like IITs and NITs in India.

What is your best Digital marketing tools list?

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