Digital Technology Development in Education

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Technology Development

Internet technology development has taken everything under its wings and education is no exception. The changes brought by high-tech progressions in educational field are prodigious. Continue your reading about how latest development in science and technology is playing key role in education with the world new technology development innovative products.

technology development

Importance of digital technology in education

How New Technological Developments Are Rapidly Changing the World of Higher Education

Education has gone through numerous changes and keeps on updating with the passage of time. And it is quite natural that anything new that changes the world is taken up by education at once. Every new innovation is added to the syllabus of, at least higher educational levels. And from there, it is inducted into other professions and walks of life.

What is digital technology in education

From blackboard to projectors, to PC to Laptops and Tablets; education has taken in the technological advances like a sponge. The changes within the classes are the manifestation of the changes brought in the whole education system in general and higher educational institutes in particular. We are going to discuss in this article, some of the major modernizing that the higher education has gone through after the advents of technology.

CHANGE IN EQUIPMENT – New technology development

We don’t have to travel far back in time to witness the change in classroom scenario. Laptops and Tablets have replaced notebooks and pens since last few years and this change is here to stay. Students really prefer typing down their notes rather than writing them which becomes quite tiresome, and honestly speaking, as long as one can save the files of lectures, that too in intelligible hand writing, no one minds getting rid of old notepads and pens. Having technology by their side, students can store their lectures, and further add to them later, and the storage capacity is unlimited.

LIBRARY IN A BAG – Latest development in science and technology

Nostalgia hardly would forgive us for saying adieu to the system of old book reading and doing our research going through thick books and journals for the college and university assignments; sitting in the libraries for hours. That painstaking way of doing research and finding related information has gone, forever. In the era of Internet and global connectivity that have entangled us in never ending network system, getting our desired information is now just a click away. With just the use of few keywords, you can get thousands of search results in a matter of seconds.

This revolution in networking and research using latest advents in technology has truly changed the face of acquiring higher education and placed us on the highway of information which is up for grabs for anyone who is looking for it.

REMOTE LEARNING – Digital technology development in education

World becoming a global village can be well understood and observed by just witnessing the latest surge in remote learning. You don’t have higher education institute in your vicinity? Or you want to earn your degree from some well-known international institute; no problem at all. You can do it remotely, from the comforts of your home. You can’t afford to move to US to study from prestigious universities located there? Online education is your answer. Having Internet, use of Skype, Laptops and PCs at homes; made it possible to access higher education like never before. Online learning has reached the corners of the Earth where once, it was unimaginable that advance education can set its foot.

Moreover, latest trend of remote learning has broadened the horizon of courses one never imagined to have access to. Now, you can take up new and unique courses offered in international universities which are not taught in your local institutes.

YOUTUBE REVOLUTION – Use of digital technology in education

YouTube is the next level in conducting research and extraction of information for educational purposes. Through YouTube, we can get practical demonstration of what you want to learn. Billions of videos are available to guide you through anything you want to learn. This has revolutionized education in a big way. Students can learn through these demos which in yester years, our teacher or parents used to perform.  Teachers can upload their lectures and students can go through them again and again to their heart’s content until they understand the concept.

WEBINARS – Digital technology development in education

Seminars and workshops are part of education both for teachers and students. Now is the era of Webinars; seminars held through Internet. There is a seminar held in UK over latest teaching techniques? Book you ticket on Internet and attend it sitting right here in Pakistan. It has made possible for teaching faculty and students to learn and expand their horizon by attending these webinars which also provide them international exposure. This was just not possible a few years back. It has enabled global audience to witness something happening thousands of miles away.

ONLINE EXAMINATION SYSTEM – Importance of digital technology in education

Who knew? Online examination has been introduced which has been welcomed by teachers and students alike.  It not only made it accessible for many who just couldn’t take it at the allotted time due to their professional commitments, but also made it easier for teachers to assess without any hassle. It has significantly help curb the cheating element that has cursed the traditional examination system for so long. Online examination system is also considered eco-friendly and so is use of laptops in classrooms as it reduced the use of paper significantly. The grading system has also experienced improvement by reducing the factor of human error. The grading has become more accurate and little to none margin for error.

GLOBALIZATION – Role of digital technology in education

You get to interact through internet and above mentioned gadgets, with the people belonging to different regions, cultures, religions and backgrounds. This help you understand things with different perspective and broaden your horizon. You get to know about other people and get to see things from their point of view. This helps promote international harmony and reduce interracial tensions. Lots of misconceptions about people and cultures are removed and you make friends who are your window to a different world. This globalization is made possible through technology.

Education industry invites world new technology development

The list is endless, of the ways technology has changed the face of higher education. We are living in a tech village, where everyone is connected and have access to information like never before. We have become more informed and differentiating fact from fiction was never so easy; the true essence of gaining knowledge. Use of technology in education and the changes brought through it in education, especially in higher education, is obvious and here to stay for good.


Cassandra Jenkins is professor of sociology in Shiang University and a writer. She holds webinars for teachers and addresses social issues. Her articles are widely published in educational journals. She currently writes for buy dissertation online.

Article: Digital technology development in Education

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