Domain Authority and It’s Importance

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Domain Authority

Few days back one guest blogger pinged me with a guest post proposal. He asked me my blog url and I pinged him the url. After sometime he said “at this point I’m not willing to post on your blog”. I thought why he suddenly changed the decision. Immediately I asked him the reason. He said my blog’s DA is below 30. Frankly I don’t know what is DA. I know Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank but what’s this DA about? After some research I came to know DA is nothing but Domain Authority. In this post I will try to explain what is Domain Authority? and Why is it important?

What is Domain Authority ?

Domain Authority is nothing but how popular and how trustworthy is your website . Here popularity means how old is your website and how many external links are pointing to your website. Here external links are two types. Links that are pointing to your website and links your website is pointing to. In layman’s terms, if another website links to you, this is considered an external link to your site. Similarly, if you link to another website, this is also considered an external link.

Here link popularity plays crucial role. Websites you are linking to and Websites linking to your website both should be popular. Your website’s trustworthiness is calculated based  on trustworthiness of websites you are connected with. For example University websites and Government websites are highly trustworthy. If your website has links from those webpages and if you are linked to those webpages then your website’s trustworthiness will be increased.

Why Domain Authority is Important ?

Domain Authority is directly linked to Google Page Rank because inbound link popularity is one of the factors influencing Google Page Rank. If you want to monetize your blog from direct advertising you should maintain good Domain Authority as advertisers look at your DA.  Even guest bloggers are also looking at Domain Authority for publishing their content.

How to Improve Domain Authority ?

Concentrate on your outbounding links. Do not link to a spam website or undervalued website because if you are connected to spam you will be treated as spam. Stay in the long run, keep  your domain for longer time and update it with fresh content. If you want to spend on seo then spend for getting some quality backlinks. In short Domain Authority is all about quality link building and maintaining the trustworthiness. Domain Authority is measured on a scale of 100. There are many tools available on the web to check your Domain Authority score.

8 Comments on “Domain Authority and It’s Importance”

  1. Nice post. A couple of questions –
    1) If someone comments on your site / blog and his DA is low, does approving the persons comments reduce your site’s DA?
    2) Why do a lot of backlinks from reputed sites donot show up in backlink tracking sites?

  2. REally informative post. But i do want to ask a question from you anil and my question is that “what is the good DA?” in other word what value should represent the good DA for getting guest posts and direct advertisement as you have said that good DA is crucial in getting direct advertisement. Waiting for your answer desperately. Thanks

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