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Facebook is a social giant with more than 1 Billion active users. Thus facebook became a platform for webmasters to drive traffic from facebook to their website or blog using facebook fan page. If you have a facebook fan page it’s good to link your fan page with your blog or website. The advantages of facebook like box.
1. See how many users already liked this page and which of their friends liked the page.
2. Read the recent posts from the page.
3. Like the page with one click without visiting the page.

How to get facebook like box?

1. Go to facebook developers page.
2. Click on Web.

facebook for websites

3. Click on Social Plugins.

facebook social plugins

4. Hit Like Box.

facebook like box social plugin

5. Next You’ll see a form where you need to enter your facebook page url, set width and height of the plugin and select a colour scheme. Just check Show Friend’s Faces, Show Border and leave the rest unchecked.

facebook like box form

6. Based on the parameters you set in the form it will display how your facebook like box looks like below the form. For the parameters as I set in the form my facebook like box looks like in below pic.

Tech Knol facebook like box

7. Finally hit Get Code.

facbook get code

8. Now a popup will appear with your like box code. You can copy your desired code and use it on your website. I recommend copying IFRAME code which is easy to use on any website.

facebook like box plugin code

Facebook Like Box Code

If you don’t want to follow the above procedure just copy the below code and replace etechknol with your fan page username.

Facebook Like Box for WordPress Blog

We can add facebook like box to WordPress blog in two ways.

Method 1 – Install official facebook WordPress plugin. Now from you WordPress dashboard go to facebook plugin General settings.

facebook WordPress plugin

Enter your facebook App ID and App Secret. If you don’t have facebook app created just click Create a new face application link.

WordPress facebook plugin form

Now visit WordPress Widgets and Drag Facebook Like Box widget to your desired widget area. Enter Title, your facebook page url, check your desired options and finally save the widget.

WordPress facebook like box

Method 2 – Get the facebook like box code from facebook developers and now visit WordPress widgets. Drag Text widget to your desired widget area. Enter Title, like box code and save it.

WordPress Text Widget

Facebook Like Box for Blogger Blog

After you get the code for facebook like box just visit your blogger dashboard. Click on Layout.

Blogger Layout

Click on Add a Gadget wherever you want to showcase your like box.

add blogger gadgets

Click on HTML/Javascript gadget.

html javascript gadget

Enter Title, copy the like box code in Content field and Save the Gadget.

blogger facebook like box

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