Facebook Popup Like BOX and FeedBurner Subscription Form for Blogger

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Facebook is the largest social network with 1.2 billion active users. So obviously Facebook is the best place to promote your business or website. That’s why every website or business creates their own Facebook fan page to connect with their customers. For bloggers Facebook is the platform which drives more traffic to their blog. So they aim to get more fans on Facebook. Unless you are an established brand it would be difficult to get huge fan following. That’s why bloggers place a like box on their blog.

FeedBurner is a free feed management provider. It delivers latest posts to the subscribers. FeedBurner is the only service that is free forever. Blogger places a feed subscription form on their website to get more readers. WordPress has many plugins to get more Facebook followers and feed subscribers. But blogger blogs have no such widgets available. Popups are the best way to generate more leads. Once a new user visits your blogger blog a Popup will appear asking to like our Facebook fan page or subscribe to your feed. We can control Popups by setting time limit when a Popup should appear and after how many days it should appear again. If you have an attractive Popup with catchy headings it will generate more leads.

In this post we will help you to get a Facebook Popup like box and FeedBurner subscriber form. Just follow below steps to get a Popup Facebook like box and FeedBurner subscription form.

1. From your Blogger Dashboard click on Layout.
2. Click on Add a Gadget any where on the layout.
3. Add an HMTL/JavaScript gadget.

Adding Blogger Blog HTML JavScript Gadget

4. Copy and paste the following code in the gadget’s Content section.

Facebook Popup Like Box and FeedBurner Subscription Form Code

4. Now you have to replace existing Facebook, twitter, Google+, Pinterest and RSS usernames with your usernames.

Use (Ctrl+F or F3). Find fbname and replace it with your Facebook fan page username (2 times).
Find tname and replace it with your Twitter username (1 time).
Find pname and replace it with your Pinterest username (1 time).
Find fdname and replace it with your FeedBurner uri (2 times).
Find Gname and replace it with your Google+ username (1 time).

After changing usernames save the gadget. From now when a new user visits your blogger blog a Popup will appear as shown in below pic. This Popup timer is set to 15 days, in the sense once visitor sees the Popup it will again appear after 15 days only.

Facebook Popup Like Box and Popup FeedBurner Subscription Form


This Popup is one of the best ways get more fans on Facebook and more FeedBurner subscribers. If you are facing any problem in using this code please leave a comment we will be happy to help you.

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20 Comments on “Facebook Popup Like BOX and FeedBurner Subscription Form for Blogger”

  1. Nice Job,
    Please kindly help with Close Button…
    Mobile users are finding it hard to close the popup.

  2. Thank you for very clear instruction on how to install this widget! I did all the steps but once I saved and viewed my blog, a pop up came up saying widcraft.googlecode.com needed an authentication? I went ahead and removed the widget because I didn’t want my readers confused by this. Please consult. Thanks!

  3. Hi Anil, I’m having the same issue as Araquel — it looks like where the javascript is stored is not accessible without a login? Could you put it somewhere it can be accessed publically?

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