FaceTime to be Revamped after Development of iOS 11

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With the Development of iOS 11, FaceTime Could Get Revamped Too

We already actually know that all the gadgets manufactured by Apple are certainly first-rate quite amazing and even the features as well as the OS which it runs always happens to be premium. The Apple users also get a huge benefit of using great features which are not available on devices which certainly runs on Android or other OS. And those features happen to be the FaceTime, iMessage and so on. Both the inbuilt apps are not provided with the devices running on other operating systems.

Skype – Popular video calling platform

However, we know that video calling platform like Skype is a popular one among those who end up video calling their friend and of course family every other day. Skype is certainly favorable for every user but even FaceTime is quite convenient for all the users of Apple.

Facetime- iphone video calling app

Facetime- iphone video calling application

FaceTime iPhone’s Video calling App

It certainly allows people to video call each other and helps them to keep away all the detachments. Therefore, it helps people to emotionally connect to their loved ones who are actually staying away from them. And this video calling app has received and garnered positive responses from almost all Apple users.

iPhone video calling application for PC

But the only problem which creeps in for the FaceTime app is that people who are using Android or Windows or even Blackberry devices cannot use the benefits of the FaceTime. Therefore, those people end up sticking to using Skype or some other video calling platform. And now also if you have the question which is related to FaceTime for PC availability, then that actually does not happen.

FaceTime Apple’s Video calling App

You cannot download the inbuilt application on Windows due to which many people have felt dispirited. And some have even wanted to shift to using the smartphones made by Apple which happens to the iPhones. However, FaceTime is anticipated to get reworked to a large extent with the development of the iOS 11.

New versions of iOSand features

The new versions of iOS generally introduces several features and even iOS 11 is surely going to bring in a lot of great and premium features in fact deluge of new features. Skype allows the users to do group video conference which is even more exciting but people who use FaceTime do not get that opportunity or benefit. And some of them have been certainly demanding to see the group video calling feature in the inbuilt app, FaceTime since long.

iPhone’s Video calling App to be update after iOS 11

However, this video calling application now can actually come up with the facility of the group video calling right after the eleventh generation of the OS which would be developed by Apple experts will be rolled out.

Apple phone’s inbuilt video calling application

Witnessing the video calling facility in the inbuilt application will be quite great and amazing for every user of Apple and they would certainly get overwhelmed with it. Video calling applications have been making life highly easy for almost all of us due to which we do not even feel of staying away from our loved ones.

Video calling makes us attached to our friends and every other loved person of ours and FaceTime certainly plays a humongous role in doing so.

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