WhatsApp vs FB Messenger : Find What is Best in Them

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7 Reasons Why You Should Prefer WhatsApp Over Facebook Messenger

Continue your reading on Tech Knol latest technology updates article on trendy technology news about Why to prefer WhatsApp over Facebook Messenger. In this mobile app technology article, get extra flavor of latest social technology updates how WhatsApp is better than Facebook messenger application.

fb messenger vs whatsapp

Whatsapp vs Facebook messaging app online reviews

WhatsApp Messenger Online

WhatsApp is considered as the Most loved App for Android and iOS across the world. All generations both youngsters and grandparents likes to use this fast, secure and easy to handle WhatsApp for sending messages, making calls, location and many others service instantly. WhatsApp works on all the Smartphone platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone and others.

WhatsApp vs FB Messenger

WhatsApp becomes the popular mobile messenger app as more than 1.3 billion people are using across the world. Facebook is the top social media giant used by billions of people across the world. Facebook also has Messenger App just like WhatsApp for texting messages, sharing videos or photos. Recently, Facebook bought the WhatsApp for about $19 billion.

WhatsApp vs Facebook

According to a recent statics Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp controls 79% of IM market. Zuckerberg states that the Facebook would not touch the design or look of the WhatsApp so users get unique feature apart from Messenger. Whatsapp and Messenger would continue to co-exist as the top App as their own with no little cross over. Features in the WhatsApp are quite amazing with mega aspects and many number of people are using this App over the Messenger.

1. Access To Wide Range Of People:

WhatsApp becomes the worldwide option for secure and faster communication. Starting from sending texts, pictures and videos to voice calls and videos calls, the WhatsApp becomes the effective way of communication. When it comes to giving the wide range of access to the contacts across the world, the Facebook Messenger has more advancement as the user could contact others without any use of phone number. WhatsApp lets you to message other WhatsApp users via phone’s contacts.

According to the recent internet buzz, there is a shift of the instant communication modes such as Whatsapp and WeChat from the social messenger Facebook. WhatsApp makes your chat more personal when compared to the Messenger. In fact, all the chats will be private unless you make a group chat. WhatsApp user would be free from accidentally posting something that could go public when they forgot to tweak the security settings. Facebook Messenger do not let the user to share contacts.

2. Making Audio And Video Calls:

In olden days, you need to pick up your phone to make the actual conversation. With the advancement in technology, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger offers free VoIP calling service. Having the mobile data or Wi-Fi signal would be easier to make instant calls both audio and video. WhatsApp is the best way to go when you are in need of making the audio and video calls instead of the Facebook Messenger.

Some mod version of whatsapp like gb whatsapp provides extra features. WhatsApp brings you the complete ability to work smoothly for making calls across all the devices, signal strengths and countries. WhatsApp becomes more popular across Europe and Asia due to its ability of working conveniently across the Wi-Fi, 3G and even 2G networks.

3. Ensuring Your Privacy:

“WhatsApp” uses the high advanced encryption system but “Facebook Messenger” does not use any encryption. WhatsApp announced latest version with end-to-end encryption by default. Messages sent via WhatsApp are viewable from both the sender’s as well as recipient’s devices in effective way. WhatsApp is much safer when compared to the Facebook. In fact, it is not advisable to share the personal things via Facebook as there are many fears of hacks as well as privacy glitches. However there are no such issues seen in the WhatsApp. Encryption in WhatsApp is suitable for the text, photo, video, files, as well as voice messages. All the conversation in the WhatsApp is encrypted.

4. Quick:

When sending message over Facebook Messenger application, there is no way of checking whether receiver has received the message or not. However WhatsApp offers the complete feature of “Last seen”, respond, and many other features involved. WhatsApp has the instant and quick messaging options enabled. User could get the faster response times.

5. Saving Internet Data:

WhatsApp App is designed with faster way of communication both messaging and voice calls. Even with the weaker Wi-Fi signal, WhatsApp would work efficiently but Facebook Messenger keeps tries to send or receive the messages irrespective with the strength of signal. Use of Facebook Messenger with the lower internet speed could be frustrating experience. Use of data connection (2G, 3G or 4G) is more efficient for the WhatsApp and it saves more data when compared to the Facebook Messenger.

6. Sending Photos And Videos:

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger apps easily allow the users to send the photos and videos instantly. These Apps use the footage of the camera roll and send photos via Instagram or social media Apps. Users can take added step with the saving of photos and videos on their camera roll in much more easier way. WhatsApp has the limit of 10 photos so when you have the huge collection photos then you can send it all at once.

7. User Friendly Design:

Unique features of WhatsApp make it standalone in the heavy competitive world. User friendly design of the WhatsApp brings you convenient way of sending texts, photos and videos. New features keep the users happy with giving more option in communication with fun.

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