Fix your OutLook Email Message Not Implemented Error

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Learn how to fix OUTLOOK email error massage : NOT IMPLEMENTED

This is a very common error which is faced by Outlook users when they try to check their email messages.
On pressing the Send/Receive button a window will be displayed on your screen that says:” Not Implemented”.
This hampers the ability of the Outlook users to send or receive emails through MS Outlook.

This error message doesn’t really help in understanding the cause of its origin as there are no Error Codes displayed.



The Not Implemented Error may be caused due to a number of possible reasons which are:

1. Two different versions of Outlook Installed on the system
2. Antivirus Software integration with MS Outlook
3. Add-ins installed on the system

Solutions to fix Not Implemented error

Here we will provide detailed steps fro solving the error and for enabling the smooth functioning of the mail client.

Approach #1: Remove extra Outlook versions from the system

1. Firstly decide the Outlook version you wish to keep on your machine. Having multiple versions of the same application can lead to corruption of the settings causing various errors.

2. To do this go to:

For Windows 10 Users: This PC>Uninstall or change a program
For Windows 8/7/Vista users: Start > Control Panel>Uninstall or change a program
For Windows XP users: Start>Settings>Control Panel>Uninstall or change a program.

3. Double click to open “Add or Remove Programs” if you are using Windows XP

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“Programs and Features” if you are using Windows 8/7/Vista

4. From the list of installed programs, select and Uninstall the Office version that you  don’t want(e.g. MS Office 2007).

Approach #2: Remove Antivirus Software integration with Outlook mail client

In most cases, you might be using an antivirus software that is set to scan every email and attachment that is sent or received by you.

Sometimes the Anti-virus may report false threats and take actions based on those threats.

This can lead to the following issues:

  • Email messages getting lost
  • Duplicity of emails
  • HTML code being shown in a message
  • Fonts displayed 10x larger than original size
  • Mails getting stuck in MS Outlook
  • Degradation in performance

As the scanner that runs in the background uses the same virus definitions as the integrated scanner, hence no additional security is achieved by keeping it on.

Hence it is completely safe to remove the scanner integration with MS Outlook.

1. Typically, the integration scanning can be stopped by putting the MS Outlook application in the White list or the Trusted Applications list in most Antivirus programs. Depending on the program used, the option can have different names.

2. If you are unable to stop the integration, then uninstall the Antivirus software and then reinstall it, this time without installing the mail scanning component.

3. Sometimes the setting for disabling the scanning of emails is also present within the MS Outlook application. This occurs in cases where the Antivirus installs the scanner as an Add-in within Outlook.

Approach #3: Remove Add-ins installed in Outlook

For Outlook 2003 and previous versions

1. Go to Tools-> Options-> tab Other-> button Advanced Settings
2. Click on the “Add-In Manager” or “COM Add-Ins” button based on which add-ins you   want to disable
3. In the case of some Add-ins, you will need to restart Outlook for the changes to be applied.

For Outlook 2007

1. Go to Tools-> Trust Center…-> Add-ins
2. From the “Manage” drop-down list, at the bottom select the type of Add-ins you want to disable/remove
3. Click on “Go” and make the changes
4. In the case of some Add-ins, you will need to restart Outlook for the changes to be applied.

For Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016

1. Go to File-> Section Options-> Section Add-ins
2. From the “Manage” drop-down list select the type of Add-ins you want to disable/remove
3. Click the “Go” button to make the changes
4. In the case of some Add-ins, you will need to restart Outlook for the changes to be applied.


The above mentioned solutions help in removing the errors related to Outlook as a whole. In some instances the data files may also lead to a anumber of errors.

For example: PST files may also become a cause of worry in several situations as they might fail to load or get corrupted. This may be due to hardware malfunction,software errors,or power outages while files are open.

To repair the damage done to the PST files you can make use of simple manual methods such as SCANPST.exe.

This tool is an inbuilt tool of Microsoft and can work properly only in cases where the PST file is subject to minor corruption.

How to fix Not Implemented error

PST to PDF converter

In cases where you wish to save your PST file data in PDF document form after performing repair, it is advised to make use of a third party tool such as the PST to PDF Converter.

This tool is capable of creating a separate PDF file for each email present in Outlook PST files.

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