Fruit Ninja APK – Know Everything About Fruit Ninja game

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Everything you Need to Know about Fruit Ninja APK, best iPhone Video Game

If there has been one game which has been consistently been regarded as one of the best, it is undoubtedly Fruit Ninja APK. But why is it popular? What has led to its popularity? What mantra its developers have followed in order to consistently keep the game on top? We will explore the answers of all these questions here in this article. So, here we go!

Fruit Ninja APK - iPhone video game

Fruit Ninja APK – best iPhone video game

Fruit Ninja APK – Cut the Fruits on your iPhone and Win the Game now

The concept of the Fruit Ninja APK game involves a player slicing fruits with a blade controlled through the touch screen. Just as the fruit appears on screen, the player swipes their finger across the screen, which creates a slicing motion, which finally results in an attempt to slice the fruit in half.

Fruit Ninja Apk was developed by Australian video game developer Halfbrick in Australia in the year 2010. Over the years, game has faced both critical and commercial appreciation. The success mantra of the game has been credited to the low cost combined with addictive gameplay, which has resulted in an excellent product.

Fruit Ninja APK – Cut multiple fruits with one slice

Fruit Ninja Players can win extra points if they are able to slice multiple fruits with one slice. Players can also use additional fingers make multiple slices at the same time. The objective of Fruit Ninja APK is to slice all the fruit.

Speaking of scoring system and extra advantages that player can get, the game gives out an extra additional life every times players reaches scores that are multiples of one hundred, that is, 100, 200, 3000, etc. To throw the players into a wrench, bombs are also occasionally thrown onto the screen. If a player slices the bomb, then it means that it is the end of their game, until and unless Bomb Deflects is used.

Fruit Ninja APK with multiple game modes available for players

There are multiple game modes available for players to choose from too. Let us run through some of them in this Fruit Ninja APK game.

A popular mode, which is known as Zen mode, is one of its significant feature.  This mode allows players to seek high scores without the disturbance of bombs appearing on your screen. But, this mode lasts for only 90 seconds.

Fruit Ninja APK with bonuses points

Next up is an Arcade mode. The Arcade mode allows Fruit Ninja game players to gain high scores within sixty seconds. In addition to standard fruits, special bananas are added which have unique bonuses like increasing the amount of fruits on your screen or multiplying your points by two scored for a limited time or slowing down the movement of all fruit for a short period of time.

Fruit Ninja APK game is reached all ages

There are also bombs thrown out, which instead of ending the game, deducts 10 points from the score, meaning if you had 100 score, then slicing that particular bomb would make your score 90. So, one has to avoid that.

The best part of the Fruit Ninja APK video game is that people of all ages find it captivating and its simple approach has led to its success. May be you don’t need a complex idea or concept for a game to succeed. It’s the simple things which can achieve greater goods.

Fruit Ninja APK – Reached 300 million downloads since 2010

Coming to its popularity stats, in September 2010, the sales of the Fruit Ninja APK game exceeded three million downloads. Three months later in December 2010, the sales of the game exceeded four million and by March 2011, sales of the game exceeded 20 million. Next year in May 2012, the game reached 300 million downloads. One third of all iPhone users in the USA have this game installed in their device.

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