Future Technology Trends – I Watch If I Live to be 100

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Find now latest future technology – Live 100 years without growing old

There have always been predictions on technology in the future made by people either by writers in their science fiction novels or futurists about the future and surprisingly many of these predictions have come true! The prophecies in the famous novels like Edward Bellamy’s ‘Debit Cards in Looking Backward’, H.G. Wells’s ‘Tanks in The Land Ironclads’, and many more have today turned into a reality, here in this article let’s explore the things that can come into actuality in the coming years along with taking a look at what life will actually appear like in 100 years from now with new technology coming out in the future. Continue your reading about what’s the future of technology and what would technology be like in the future?

New technology inventions for the future – What will future technology be like

Here is the future technology concepts and technology projects, their trends, Find out the inventions and predictions in new generation technology.

1. Synthetic Telepathy – advanced future technology

In future, communication will be possible through brain where we will have devices that will have the ability of transmitting thought from one person to another using electromagnetic waves rather than speaking to send out information. This concept has been there fictionally in the movies of X-men although in the future we will actually have devices rather than the Genetically Modified human being. So, a person won’t have to speak, hear or see other person to communicate with him or her. We will have telepathic communication technology that will detect the activity of alpha brain waves converting them into electric signals and subsequently putting out thoughts of one person to another.

2. Immortality – future technology concept

Due to research in the field of genetic engineering, Machine learning technology, Artificial Intelligence and biotechnology scientists may have figure out a solution to make humans immortal but to do that there are two ways, i.e. first one is to upload your brain in some virtual system that will have your feelings, memory and beliefs so, as long as that system is active you are alive inside a computer which can virtually feel and interact with surroundings. 3D Technology can also play its role here with the help of 3d pens. The second way is to biologically reverse the aging process and eliminating the processes or diseases that kill human beings. These approaches can make anybody live life up to 200 years or maybe more than that and thus coming close to immortality by extending lifetime of a person.

3. Nanotechnology – latest future technology

Nanotechnology in the future will contribute to almost every field in science from medicine to material science. In medicine, we will have nanorobots that can detect and prevent life-threatening diseases like cancer. Nanobots can do more than this as they will be able to do a variety of tasks like delivering genes, drugs and chemicals inside cells to heal our body faster, we will have sunscreens made of nanoparticles that will act as a nano-coating to protect our skin turning it highly reflective thus protecting us from harmful radiations of sun. In electronics, we will have nanoparticle filled ink that can conduct electricity and using this we can make our own circuit board via our hands rather than machines. Moreover, we would also be able to utilize this ink into making wires of miniaturized scale that will carry current and enough power to light up a house. In agriculture, we will have pesticides and fertilizers that will be made of nanoparticles and will be capable to reduce toxicity in the food.

4. Space Travel – future devices technology

Currently, Elon musk’s Company SpaceX is working on making spaceships that can take people on mars but in 100 years we may have space elevators that will be faster and efficient to take people on any planet in the entire space for tourism and exploration. Further, People will also be able to spend holidays on any of the planets in our solar system.

5. Ocean Farming – new generation technology trend

In future, in addition to organic farming or green farming a possibility of overpopulation can happen and because of this problem, we won’t possess enough resources or food to meet the demand of people so that’s why, we will need ocean farming to keep up with the demand for all the resources. Ocean Farming will be possible in future as many researchers have suggested that a saltwater alga which has been genetically modified is more conventional than normal algae because it can absorb more nitrogen from air.

6. Internet of Things – iot technology

The Internet of things technology will actually have the power of changing the entire world. There will be houses having light, heating and locks that can be controlled through remotes and they will be proficient enough to repair, decorate and change their colors or shapes of wall. They will have LED surfaces that will help them to adapt according to a person’s mood. The whole world will be connected to internet from controlling traffic lights to watching movies for entertainment we will have remotes for all the things that we will be using in the future.

7. Cyborgs – future technology devices, gadgets & projects

Today, we have devices that are put inside human body to save a person’s life but in future we might have an entire human being possible to have implants for their whole body and these implants will not only make them smart but also stronger. They will have microchips implanted in them that can increase their brain capacity such as memory and we might have gene therapies in the coming 100 years that can create a human body entirely of metal.

What would technology be like in the future

There are so many future technology concepts and possibilities that we can witness in the upcoming century and above mentioned ones are just a few of them in the future technology projects while many more can still become possible in the forthcoming technological future. Read more on what are top most popular android strategy games and Virtual reality news.

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