Global Cyber Security Threats – Here’s What We Know so far

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importance of cyber security

Latest Cyber Security Threats – Here’s what we know so far about Cyber Threat Defense

Some of the recent Cyber-Attacks have made it very clear that either the Hackers have become very active or most companies are not prepared to defend themselves from these malicious attacks. It seems like malicious actors are always one step ahead of security companies and always busy finding a way to break their defense. They are getting stronger day by day, and they always attack with some new and more powerful cyber attack weapons that are much more security threatening now.

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importance of cyber security

Develop your cyber security policy to get a rid of current cyber security threatsCybersecurity threats and Cyber security management

Many of these threats became evident at first.  But, in recent years have lately swelled – without cure in sight. We will discuss some of the most dangerous cyber attacks many of the companies faced in the year 2017. Many cyber security analysts have written popular cyber security management books about cyber security strategy, monitoring and importance of cybersecurity awareness articles that you can easily find from any real EBooks website. You can quickly search and buy Ebooks now from the internet, so there is no need to visit any brick and mortar books store any longer. Continue your reading about current cyber security threats and protect your online privacy!

Spearphishing and whaling attacks:

Phishing is not a new term for the people associated with cyber security it is an established threat for quite some time. But phishing is more sophisticated and targeted now than it was before. Spearphishing is the technique of sending a fraudulent e mail from a trusted account to a focused target, typically with the intention to scam the recipient out of their money. “Whaling” has taken this concept one step further as they are mostly targeting the high net worth individuals, usually to get them send money to a fraudulent account. Get a rid of phishing attacks now!

According to a recent survey by Security Vendor, it was found that social media phishing has grown 500% in the volume during 2016.


Ransomware has been found to be one of the most latest dangerous cyber threats at the moment. You would have been feeling so helpless to see a message appearing on your infected PC’s screen demanding an amount of $300 to $1000 usually in Bit coins, or we will lock you out permanently, or in some cases destroy all of your data.

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It looks like a simple attack as unsuspecting end users while doing routine work sometimes clicks some attachment and then regrets his actions. Ransomware starts doing its job, and it doesn’t only encrypt the files on your hard disk, but also on all connected external drives, and shared networks. This all that happens so quickly that the user doesn’t even realise what has happened to him.

Internet of Things Botnets:

DDoS (Denial of Service) Where the server becomes overwhelmed with phoney visitors. These attacks on some DNS service providers have proven the fact that most of DNS providers are not well enough equipped to deal with cyber attacks like that. The word Botnet is formed from the phrase ‘network’, and ‘robot’ means cyber criminals send a robot. Cyber criminals use Trojan viruses to breach the safety of several users’ computer systems, take control of every computer and organize all the infected computers right into a community of ‘bots’ that the criminal can remotely control. Through this network, they become capable of delivering DDoS attacks, Spam campaigns and other types of cyber-attacks.

Machine Learning enabled attacks:

Artificial intelligence (AI) and new technologies seem to be working for both the good and the bad people. According to recent research, it was found that machine learning is being used to launch some social engineering attacks like if hackers got access to shared data, they could use complex tools to reach targets more precisely.

Business Process Compromise (BPC):

This type of cyber attacks recently became the focus of attention. It specifically targets the unique business processes or machines and computers facilitating these business processes to manipulate them for the hacker’s benefit quietly. Hackers then try to identify the unsafe practices, once they find a weak point they change a part of the process to help themselves, therefore, the company or its client will not be able to recognise the changes.


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