How to Add Google+ Comments in WordPress or Blogger Blog

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In our previous post we helped you in integrating Facebook comment system in your blog. Facebook is a social giant, no one will deny the fact. But the truth is Facebook comments will increase the traffic to your blog. But it won’t help you in increasing your search engine rankings. Where as Google+ comments will improve your search rankings. In this post we will explain how to add Google+ comments in WordPress and Blogger blog without any technical knowledge.

Advantages of Google+ Comments

Google+ is a Google product and Google is putting more efforts in integrating Google+ into Google search. Recently Google integrated Google+ comments into YouTube comments. We all know +1s count is also a ranking factor for getting more Google traffic. Other advantage is most of the visitors will be signed in with their google account so no need to fill anything to leave a comment.

Disadvantages of Google+ Comments

If you are using Google+ comments whenever a visitor leaves a comment you won’t get any notification. So you have to manually check all the posts to find whether anyone has left new comment. Compared to traditional commenting system Google+ comments takes more time to load.

How to Add Google+ Comments in WordPress Blog

WordPress users can easily integrate Google+ comments using plugins. We tried different plugins but most of the plugins are outdated and not compatible with current WordPress version. Finally we found a wonderful plugin comments evolved for WordPress.This plugin supports multiple commenting systems like Facebook, Google+, Disqus etc. Install the plugin and go to the plugin settings. Just fill in the details based on your requirement.

WordPress Evolved Comments

Finally hit Save Changes. Now this plugin overrides traditional WordPress commenting system. For the above settings the Commenting System will look like in below image.

Google+ Comments for WordPress

How to Add Google+ Comments in Blogger Blog

Adding Google+ comments in Blogger blog is pretty easy. Just visit your Blogspot dashboard and click on Google+ tab. Then you will Google+ profiles and pages associated with your Google account. Select profile or page of your choice. Next check the option Use Google+ Comments on this blog.

Google+ Comments for Blogger Blog

That’s it  Google+ comments are now enabled on your Blogger blog. Google+ comments looks like in below image. You can sort the Top comments or Newest comments.

Google+ Comments for Blogger Blogs

Hope this post helped you in setting up Google+ comment system in your WordPress or Blogger blog. If you enjoyed this post do us a favour by leaving a comment or sharing this post with your friends 🙂

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