How to Be an Authentic Blogger

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Authentic Blogger

Authentic Blogger

It is hard to establish a blog when you are competing with millions of bloggers. When you create a blog to make money online, you drop yourself into the biggest race on earth. Everyone here in the blogosphere with only one main goal – money, money and more money and of course you too. But still, there are lots of beginners creating blog every day and earning enough for maintaining their lifestyle.

Wonder how they do it? Well, they do nothing extra but put extra effort on improving their blog, creating the value of their blog and make useful environment in users mind. And finally, they establish a long-term business and secure their position in the blogosphere. Calm down, nothing to panic here. I am here to show you all the stuff they do for their successful blog.

Select a Niche According to Your Passion

The common mistakes bloggers do by not selecting their blog niche, according to their skill or interest. If you choose something out of your knowledge or passion, soon you will end with the lack of motivation. If something out of your passion, how can you create great and quality content? How can you add relevant and useful content for your readers? So first analyze your interest and then create a blog with niche, according to your passion.

Do Enough Research Before Writing

There are millions of bloggers are doing similar things on the same street where you just entered. Can you imagine the situation? The competition? So, how to impress a reader or visitor? Of course, you have to offer them something that can interest them, encourage them to engage more time with your blog. For that, you have to create a quality content that is good enough to keep a user engage. Keep this in your mind forever that content is always king.

So, how to write a quality content? Well, you have to first analyze demand, the requirement of readers. Think yourself as a reader. What you want as a reader? Understand the needs. After analyzing users and found the topic, research on it. Research about what other bloggers have offered with the similar topic. Now when you did everything, just write the post best way you can. And here you go, you have a very good quality article with lots of potentials. So what for you are waiting? Just publish it and see the magic.

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Link to Relevant Articles and Sources

A teacher of Jon Morrow (A very smart blogger) once said that “The best writers are the best thieves”. So, when you are motivating yourself from others post, then why not give them credit by share link in your blog. This will give a good impression to among your users and others bloggers around you. Others will start doing the same thing for you. Also, interlink your others relevant post to present content so user engages more time in your blog.

Establish Good Relationship with Readers

If content is king then readers are gods. They have the power to fire you from blogosphere anytime. They have also the power to make you rich enough. So, how you should keep relation with them? Of course you should build a very good and strong relationship so they never ever leave you alone.

So, how to create a good relationship with users? Keep them engaged in what make them interested. Give them valuable information, support them to fix something, provide something useful for free or discount. Create a mail list of users and send them your latest adventure. By doing this, you can earn their trust and time.

Take Every Feedback in a Positive Way

Allow your users to comment on your every post, contact you anytime by mail easily. This way you not only engaged them more time to your blog, but also you can collect their valuable feedback for your site. How they viewed & judged your blog. What they are thinking about your site. This way you can know their needs, interest, and expectation. And, how they are going to react soon. Take every feedback as a positive suggestion. Work on every feedbacks & suggestions. Understand your mistakes and take a lesson from them.


Don’t fear about the blogger shark. Just understand your passion and chose a right niche. Do research and write a quality article. Link relevant article of other blogs and interlink your own related posts. Try to keep your visitors engaged more in your blog. Encourage them to react, comment, and feedback.

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