How to Hide Facebook Like Button Count?

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In our previous post we helped you in creating a Facebook like box for your fan page to integrate with your blog or website. Similarly you can create a like button for your fan page. But think about beginners, they really don’t want to show like button count because visitors are very reluctant to like fan page with few likes. Now I’m in similar situation I recently created a Facebook fan page for my website. So obviously my fan page has few likes. That’s why I want to get new likes without showing like button count. You can hide Facebook like button count in 2 ways. One way is to keeping the Facebook button in a division the overlaps the button count thus hides like count.

Typical Facebook like button code looks like this.

For the above code the Facebook like button will look like below.

Facbook like button

If you want similar like button for your fan page just replace etechknol with your fan page username.

Hide Facebook Like Button Count Using Division Tag

Next we have to hide the like button counter. To do that just put the above like button code in below division tag.

After placing Facebook like button code in above division tag the final code looks like below.

The result of the above code looks like below. That’s how we can hide Facebook like button counter. Based on your requirement you can reduce or increase the width in div tag.

Hide facebook like button count

Hide Facebook Like Button Count in iframe

Go to Facebook like button configurator page. Enter the url or fan page which you want to Facebook like button for and select Layout as button to hide the likes count. Select Action Type like and uncheck Show Friends’ Faces and Include Share button.

Facebook Like Button Configurator

Finally click on Get Code, copy iframe code and use it anywhere you want to show your Like button.

Facebook Like Button iframe code

You can use below code and replace etechknol with your Facebook fan page username.

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