How to Publish New Post in WordPress Blog

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How to Publish New WordPress Post

Publishing articles has become an easy task these days. Even school going kids are maintaining blogs. With the availability of many articles and video tutorials online Blogging has become very easy. Of all blogging platforms WordPress and Blogger are famous. In this post we will explain how to publish a new post on self hosted WordPress blog.

How to Publish New WordPress Post

How to Publish New Post in WordPress

1. On WordPress menu place mouse cursor on Posts and click on Add New.

2. As per the chosen topic start by entering appropriate title for your post. Try to avoid stop words like a, an, the in your WordPress post title.

3. Next check the url, by default WordPress generates url from your title. Once check it if not ok edit.

4. Content is king – Write your own content, do not copy from anywhere even from books. Everything should be original. Make sure you did enough research on the topic and write only what you understood in your own tone. This creates authentic feel in your readers.

5. If you think an image can justify the post , upload new pic by clicking on Add Media and click insert to post. Once uploaded adjust the image size, alignment and finally enter Image Title and Image Alternate text.

6. While curating your post if you think you can refer any web page or post to the reader, select the text you want to link, click on the link icon WordPress post editor menu and enter the url or select from the existing posts. Make sure you don’t check open in new window when you are linking to your own page.

7. Next always include appropriate heading (h2, h3) tags. Just select the text you want to make heading and choose the tags. Headings are good for better ranking in Google.

8. Once you finish writing your WordPress post make sure you place a CTA (Call to action). Call to action is nothing but asking your readers to take an action after reading your post. Usually action would be like sharing your post or leaving comment or subscribing to your blog.

9. Next choose correct category and tags for your WordPress post. For this post category is Blogging and tag is WordPress. So if category is division, tag is subdivision.

10. If you want to show featured image click on set featured image which is below tags and select your featured image.

11. Then you will find a box called WordPress SEO by Yoast below post. Fill the SEO title followed by your site name and enter 2-3 lines description about the post in meta description box.

12. You can always preview the post before publishing. Once everything looks fine then hit the publish button.

13. After publishing your WordPress post share it on social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and Google+.


Writing a WordPress post is pretty easy. Initially it may take more time to publish an article but as you keep on writing consistently you can easily publish high quality articles within few hours. We wish you a great success in your journey. If our post helped in kick-starting your WordPress blog please do us favor by sharing our posts on your social profiles.

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