How to Start a Blogger Blog

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In my previous post I explained various advantages of blogging and now I will  explain how to start a Blogger blog. There are many websites providing blogging services Eg: Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr etc. Among all Blogspot is a famous and simple blogging platform. Without any technical skill you can start publishing content on a Blogger blog. First I launched Tech Knol on Blogger and later moved to WordPress from Blogger. Just follow below steps to start a Blogspot blog.

How to Start a Blogger Blog

1. To create a Blogger blog you need have a Google account which is nothing but a Gmail account. If you don’t have one then create a  Gmail account. If it asks to create a Google+ profile just do it because Google+ profile is very important for running a Blogger a blog.

2. Once you created a Gmail account. Just go to and login with your Google (Gmail) account.

Blogger Sign in

3. Probably next Blogger many ask to confirm your Google+ profile because your Google+ profile will be the author of your of published posts. Finally hit Continue Blogger.

Connect Google+ Profile to Blogger

4. In the next window hit New Blog to create a new Blogger blog.

Create a New Blogger Blog

5. In next create a new blog window enter your blog Title, desired url (Address) and select a Template. I would recommend you to select Simple Template.

Create a Blogger Blog

6. That’s it your new Blogspot blog has been created you can start posting from now.

New Blogspot Blog


Creating your first Blogspot blog is pretty easy but maintaining it in the long run depends on your commitment towards blogging. Because 90% of the bloggers start their blog aggressively and then in a month they loose interest for various reasons.  You just need to post consistently and apply Blogger search engine optimization techniques to become a successful blogger.

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