iCloud Drive updates – Best File Manager for your Mobile phone

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Choose File Manager app for your Mobile phone – Latest iCloud Drive updates

I’ve received a lot of requests recently because a while back I talked about why iOS does not need a file explorer like finder than is on the Mac. It was one of my more controversial discussion. A lot of people disagree which is fine by the way that doesn’t upset me. But of course with the release of iOS 11 even before the keynote actually happened. We got that leaked of the filed app this is when everyone went nuts and said see they did make a file management system.

Latest iCloud Drive updates

Choose File Manager app for your Mobile phone – Latest iCloud Drive updates

Choose File Manager app for your Mobile phone – Latest iCloud Drive updates

They finally done it, and you were wrong maybe. Now you can truly understand why we needed that on iOS. I’ve kind of brushed that off a little bit but yeah ok they made the file management system. I’m sorry I was wrong but I’ve been using iOS 11 for a couple weeks, now I’ve been noticing like is the files app really a file management system. We didn’t realize that no one was actually installing the files at all it really is an update to the iCloud Drive app.

If you’ve noticed on iOS 11 there is no more iCloud Drive app all of that is now embedded within the files app and I don’t honestly see many differences. I’ve been watching videos online all the time of what you can do in the new files have don’t get me wrong. It is better than iCloud Drive and it’s clearly not the same thing. But I don’t think it’s a file explorer.

The most mind-boggling thing to me you can drag things out of iCloud Drive, right. Because we now have drag and drop in iOS 11 which is cool. But you can’t drag anything into the on your iPad damn, whether you’re using pictures from a photo app or you’re using the iCloud drive section and you’re trying to hit. It’ll add to my iPad it just kind of blurs announces oh no.

You can’t add things there. I’m like well the option to create your own folder so that you can actually have you know files and organization methods.

Okay you have to search if you want then hit Search you will find all the documents on your iPad. But there is a problem in searching anything from file manager. When you search a query in your file manager it will show all files of your iPad and your iCloud drive at same place.  This is very confusing to me I’m not sure why they go this routes. I mean yes it’s nice that within iCloud drive. Now we can add tags we can get info about our files but this isn’t necessarily like having finder.

a lot of people have been acting like this is a whole new ball management system and it’s not this is simply a noticeable redesign to the iCloud Drive updates, obviously no longer called iCloud Drive. It’s called files the app logos different the layout is different but for the most part not that much has changed. You can also like multiple items at once, which is nice and when you’re in the iCloud Drive tab you can hit download on things.

But even when they’re downloaded they don’t show up in the on your iPad tab. And they don’t let you add it to be on your iPad tab. so I’m just fairly confused as to what the goal was with this. And to those people who haven’t installed iOS 11 yet.

Because obviously it’s in beta understandable don’t think that this is exactly what finder is on the map. It really isn’t much different than the iCloud drive. We already had, it’s just a couple more options like looking at the size of files being able to drag-and-drop. But for instance one of the reasons, I was kind of excited for having a file management system.

You can manage your files more perfectly and efficiently if you use root explorer pro apk in your iPad and your android smartphone. You will able to do all the functionalities by using this precious file manager app having five star rating on Google play store. As we have discusses earlier there are too much problems in a beta file manager. If you use UN authorized app to manage your files. It may be causes to lose your data. So you must need to be careful when you are choosing a file manager for your mobile phone.

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