Identity and Access Management : IAM Services and Benefits

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Identity and Access Management Services

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Identity and Access Management for Dummies

Continue your reading on Tech Knol latest technology updates article on trendy technology news. Read now cyber security technology trends about IAM Solutions: an introduction to identity and advantages of access management system and tools.

Identity and Access Management Solutions

Identity and access management plays a crucial role in the IT security strategy of an organization. Organizations develop and expand. With this, the use of number of servers, applications, and databases also increase. Identity & access management (IAM) solutions manage access to resources of organization’s resources through the following offering of capabilities:

– Governance
– Single sign-on
– Provisioning
– User management
– Access control

Identity and access management - IT security strategy

IAM services : IT security strategy

Identity and Access Management IAM

Protecting sensitive data and applications of an organization demands a lot more. Regardless of all privileges, provisioned users may leave a company exposed especially if one fails to monitor and document their usage activity well.

Identity and access management acts as a framework for business procedures that facilitates digital or electronic identities. The framework includes organizational policies for managing digital identity combined with technologies required to support identity management. Read now
Why should everyone care about identity and access management?

Enterprise Identity and Access Management

Advanced IAM technologies help IT managers control access of user to critical information within organizations. Solutions offered by IAM offer role-based control to access which allows system administrators to regulate access to networks and systems based on the roles of individual users in an enterprise.

Here, access is an individual’s ability to perform a specific task including modifying, viewing, and creating a file. These roles are defined as per the authority, job competency, and responsibility in an enterprise.

The systems utilized towards identity and access management include the following listed below:

– Single sign-on systems
– Multifactor authentication
– Access management

Cloud Identity and Access Management Solutions

Looking for cloud identity management? or Cloud access manager?

These advanced technologies also offer the ability to store profile and identity data securely. It also allows data governance functions to share only requisite and relevant data.

These days, companies continue to place strategies of cloud security on top of their to-do lists.

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The Identity and Access Management should Include:

IAM solutions should include all of the necessary tools and controls for:

– Managing enterprise database for user identities
– Capturing as well as recording user login information
– Enterprise database of user identities
– Manage assignment as well as removal of access privileges

Benefits of IAM – Identity and Access Management Companies

IAM technologies can be used for initiating, capturing, recording and managing user identities as well as associated access permissions in an automated way. This makes sure that access privileges are only granted as per one policy interpretation. All services and individuals are authenticated, audited and authorized in a proper way.

Organizations that manage identities well are known to have enhanced control of user access. This makes them capable of minimizing risks related to external and internal data breaches.

Automating of IAM systems facilitates allows businesses to operate in a more efficient way via reducing time, efforts, and money needed for managing access to networks manually or through individual access controls that are not connected to centralized management systems.

IAM Services

Use of common platform for identity and access management allows similar implementation of security policies across all different devices and operating platforms used by a company. When it comes to security, using IAM framework will make it easier to enforce policies across user authentication, privileges and validation. It will also address issues related to privilege creep. Implementation of identity & access management services, tools and following of best practices will help an organization to gain a competitive edge.

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