in vehicle infotainment : Know about IVI Solutions Trends

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in vehicle infotainment

In Vehicle Iinfotainment : Every thing you need to know about IVI solutions trends

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in vehicle infotainment

Learn all about in vehicle infotainment market trends

Exploring the technological wonders of automotive world with Android IVI Solutions

In the world of automobile manufacturing, the competition bar is raised with every batch of production run taken.  To counter this war of intellect and creativity, OEMs need to come out with trend setting solutions every now and then. They need to push their R& D team to the limits of their creativity and beyond.  The latest trend in automotive world is android IVI solutions, which is popularly known as in vehicle infotainment.

in vehicle infotainment market trends

This in vehicle infotainment market trend setter technology has been the key differentiator for OEMs’ intuitive and customer appealing capabilities.  With our day to day activities becoming more complex and interdependent, it becomes essential for us to wear our lifestyle in sleeves. To facilitate this kind of social and business connectivity while on the move in-vehicle-infotainment is the best solution till date.

ivi in vehicle infotainment

However, there are quite a few technology vendors prowling in the market, offering their services for IVI solutions. The trick is to select the one, who can deliver the most easily configurable and easy to use solutions.  IVI is basically a gamut of hardware and software applications, which provides a platform for audio visual entertainment and connectivity inside a vehicle. The IVI system started with just an in vehicle audio cassette player, but now has taken a whole new dimension, with the integration of systems like navigation, Bluetooth, social media, and business applications.  With the number of vehicles per square-mile increasing day by day, the transportation system is also getting complex with time. To shoulder, this complex transportation system, vehicles need to get smarter by increasing connectivity applications, with the internal and external environment.

Android in vehicle infotainment system

With the revolutionized impact of Smartphones, it is imperative to synchronize the same with inbuilt vehicular Bluetooth system, for hands free communication, while on the move. This would allow the driver, never to miss an important customer call. There is relentless pursuit of effort from car manufacturers, to make every driving session a pleasant experience, by providing secondary functions like video calling, texting, and on demand music, as per the mood of the customer. However, these hosts of new features, does not come without meeting tons of regulatory guidelines in terms of safety. Therefore, the vehicle manufacturers have embedded these features on an android operating system driven touch screen platform. This platform is highly user friendly and is located smartly in the dashboard of the car, so that the driver can operate the features, without any distraction off the road.

Android IVI solutions

The beauty of using android operating system in IVI, is that it can be easily integrated with other operating system, if the need be. For example, android can be combined with Linux with the help of a hypervisor or it can be run with a Linux container itself. Then there are different types of android like Android N Car, Android O Car, which can be used judiciously as per the requirement, or desired functional dimension. In the past it had been noticed, that any new technology, would inevitably find its way to the higher versions of the vehicle, but with android based IVI, even the lower variants can get benefitted with its utility, as the same is highly cost effective. It can be easily shown with the help of cost benefit analysis, that the benefit far outweighs the cost, when it comes to Android IVI solutions.

in vehicle infotainment system

There are a host of other features which can be effortlessly integrated on android platforms, like the synchronization with cloud, which gives accessibility of personal files and folders, from even the most remote places. When it comes to the security quotient of the entire system, android based IVI has the most potent cyber security system at place, to keep the integrity of the data safe. Android based IVI can be used for more complex and critical vehicle engine control systems and braking mechanisms.

in vehicle infotainment system architecture

Voice commands can be programmed to start or stop the engine. Rear camera with 360 degree view, can access any potential incoming threat, which can be used for effective collusion control measures. Modalities like Geofencing may be installed on demand of the customer to increase the vehicle safety. Geofencing is GPS based technology, which prevents any unauthorized movement of the car out of a particular given GPS based coordinate, by just stopping the engine or sending alert to the owner.

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