How to Index your Backlinks Quickly (100% WORKING)

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How to index your backlinks quickly

Learn How to Index your Backlinks

First of all, What’s the use if your backlinks aren’t getting indexed by Google and other Search Engines

You are just wasting your money, time and energy

For Instance, let’s take an Example where You are consistently building links back to your site or You end up buying a bunch of Backlinks from sites like SEO Clerk, Fivver, etc. Not that I recommend buying links

How to index your backlinks quickly

Learn How to Index your Backlinks Quickly

If the links are of High Quality then It will get indexed naturally and there is no need for you perform the steps which we are gonna described below

Chances are that might not be the reason for you because you specifically search for this article and here you are.

So, today in this article lets discuss some of the methods, tips, and tricks you have to implement in order to index those stubborn links. All they need is just a little push.

How Do You Know If Your Backlinks Are Indexed Or Not?

Its very simple… Go to
And Paste the link you wanna check in to the search bar

And If the URL doesn’t appear in the search results, then your link is not indexed yet
Now that is out of the way, Let’s discuss some of the factors why your Links are not getting Indexed

Well there is are many reasons why your backlinks are not getting indexed

Here are some of the reasons behind not indexing the links

1. Spammy Links

This may be the main reason why your backlinks are not getting Indexed
Google normally will not Index Spammy links, low quality, and low-value backlinks because they do not add value to your link Profile
So What’s the solution to this?
The only solution to solve this problem is to build high-quality links.

2. Content is Thin and Plagiarised

Google hates Duplicate Content

The content surrounding your link should be 0% Plagiarised and 100% Unique
Also, make sure it is Grammatical Error Free
The second reason here in the content topic is to make your content not too thin
Make sure the article surrounding the links has at least 800 or more words.

3. The site has No-Index tag

You are screwed If your backlink originated from a site with no-index tag.

How to solve this problem?

To solve this Problem, you have to somehow manage to contact the site owner and convince them to remove the no-index tag from the site

But, this doesn’t happen normally. It’s a rare case. I mean who wouldn’t want their site to get indexed and show up their site in Google searches

Basically, these are the major reasons for not getting your site Indexed.
Now let’s move on to the solution Part

Backlinks IndexingBacklinks Indexing – Everything you Need to Know about How your Backlinks are Index in Google

How To Get Your Backlinks Indexed

1. Let It Happen naturally

What I mean by the above statement of “Let it happen naturally” is that give google some time to index it naturally
Google will naturally index the backlinks if it meets the requirement of Google to be worth indexing
It normally takes from 3 days to around 1 week to get it indexed, but sometimes it may take longer than that.

2. Submit to Google Webmaster Tools

If you wait for some period of time and your links are still not indexed yet.
Then follow this second step. this step is pretty simple and I hope most of you must have already been familiar with this

If Google isn’t aware of your links, send it to them
This is the safest and the best way to get your Backlinks Indexed
It consists of Just three very simple Procedures

First of all, Just Go to Google Webmaster Tools to submit the Url
Next, Enter the Url in the box section, Solve the captcha and click on Submit Request
And you are done
You can submit up to 500 URLs per week.
But I don’t recommend in case you are trying to index around 2000-3000 links for 2nd tier or 3rd tier links

3. Ping the Links

If Submitting the links to Google do not work out either as planned
The next Procedure is to ping the Links/URLs

What is Pinging?

Pinging means sending a notification or making Google aware to recrawl the site and update it to the latest info, which may be content, images, links, etc
There are many free pinging tools you can use out there

Today in have compiled a list of the most Common out of them-
4) BulkPing
5) Ping O Matic
6) Twingly
7) Google Pingler

However, if you ping it once, That’s enough
Don’t ping on each of these sites. if you ping on Pingler, that’s enough. Don’t over do it
That’s not gonna increase your index rate

Here is an Example, let’s say you ask your friend If you have a secret. And you ask the same question repeatedly over and over again, what gonna happens is that they will be annoyed with you

The condition also applies the same here. All of them perform the same function. So Ping Once and it will be enough

4. Social Signals

This is another great way to get your links indexed
Always Creating a Buzz is a great way to get people’s attention, the Same techniques apply here too. Google has eyes and ears everywhere So they will be aware of your site

Sharing these links will provide social link juice and this will not only help in the betterment of the index rate but with social proof comes your brand trustworthiness
Not to worry if you are wondering where to get all the social shares
Well, I have just the right solution for you. There are many sites which sell social shares but the
ones I recommend are from sites like Fivver, SEOButler, SEO Clerk, etc

5. Use Backlinks Indexer

Seriously, if your links are not yet indexed till now given the circumstances that you have perform the above steps.
Then your links are not worthy to get Indexed
But since there is a solution for even the most desperate situation

I would say the solution to this problem is to take the help of Backlinks Indexer
It is a cloud-based indexing tool that claims to have an index rate of 100%

There are many software out there that helps to index all those naughty, stubborn links but I recommend you to use Backlinks Indexer

Here is a list of services they claim to provide –
1) They will Ping Each of the Link
2) They will also Submit your URL/links to many Authority Blogs
3) They also will Provide Social Signals
4) Build Web 2.0 Links for your backlinks ( So basically you are getting a backlink to your backlink)
5) All the links will be permanent
Check out the detailed review and Guides from NeilHosting On Backlinks Indexer

6. Build Web 2.0s

If you use Backlinks Indexer, then there is no need to do this step because they will build backlinks for you

For this step, all you need to do is buy a bunch of aged web 2.0s sites
or you could create your own web 2.0s sites. The perks of the aged sites is that they are already indexed so as soon as you post a blog post with the backlinks embedded in them, they will get indexed faster

However, you can create your own sites from scratch
Use the free blogging sites such as,, Etc
First of all head over to each of these sites and create an account on all of them. You do not need to spend a dime, They are Free

Next, I want you to write an article for each of these sites with a word count of around 800-1500 words and post on each site. So that you can embed more links into each of the posts
What kind of article has only 300 words and links out to 10 sites . Obvioulsy it will look spammy. We are trying to be as natural as possible
Make sure they are unique and free from grammatical errors

Slap around 10 backlinks on each of the posts.
I can’t guarantee you, but if you did all these steps correctly then chances are your links might
be already indexed by now


If you don’t wanna go through all this mess, there is a simple solution for you. Just Build Quality links which provides value. Don’t only build quality links but also build links that are related to your space

For Instance. Let’s say your blog is about Finance, Online Marketing, etc and you get a backlink from Food and Travel niche blogs. The value and weight of that link will be reduced when compared to a link you get from your niche related blogs or sites

Make your Link profile clean, so that whatever the changes in Google algorithm may take place. You will not get penalized. If you make it to the end, what do you think about this article; And are you currently having issues indexing your backlinks. Anyway let me know in the comment section

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