iOS 11: The Predicted Dark Mode Feature is Creating a Huge Buzz

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iOS 11 Dark Mode Feature in iPhones

iOS is such an operating system that has been well received not only by the users but even by the critics. Tech experts work extremely hard just before the release of an OS as that is the most crucial thing in a gadget. The stiff competition among the top most operating systems likes Blackberry, Android, iOS, and Windows have been immense since the time those had hit the tech market and now it has been elevated even more.


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Buzz Related to iOS 11 is Huge

Apple is known for developing optimum and favorable devices for all the avid users around the world and the developers have always made the different versions of iOS quite favorable. The tenth version of it was released back in September last year and it yet again stepped in to everyone’s good books.


iOS 11 is latest ios version

iOS 11 operating system version

The amazing update in the 3D touch of the iPhones was absolutely awesome while the photo stories which could be developed were equally amazing. People could actually make great stories with the pictures taken from the iPhones and each and every video look stunning.

And now we actually cannot wait for the unveiling of the iOS 11 which might have probabilities of getting launched this year September as most of the versions of the OS has been unveiled during that very month.

Buzz related to iOS 11 is huge and it is increasing with every other day as the speculations are getting stronger. Some of you must be wanting to update the features of your iPhone since a long time due to which you all must be waiting to download the next version of the operating system as soon as possible. The predicted Dark Mode feature of the OS has been in the news since ages and now some of them actually want the iOS 11 to feature that.

iOS 11 Dark Mode Feature

Some you may be aware of the facilities of the Dark Mode feature but the rest might not be knowing about the particular feature at all. So talking about it, the Dark Mode feature is going to be quirte helpful who do not like flashy or bright screens as they end up being annoying and hurts the eyes at times.

So if the Dark Mode feature at all gets equipped with the next version of iOS then the display of the iPhones are expected to sport a dark background rather than a flashy or a bright one. And this particular thing is going to be less stressful for the eyes of every user.

iOS 11 Dark Mode

However, it would be amazing if tech experts actually introduce Dark mode with the next version of iOS. The AI Siri is definitely lagging behind of the AI Google Assistant and this is disappointing, so the users wish to see Apple’s AI getting upgraded to a great extent when iOS 11 gets unveiled.

The next version of iOS might also feature screenshot alert which will notify a person if his or her message conversation screenshot is taken. However, the iOS 11 has probabilities of coming out as a game changer.

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