iOS Software Update : Latest iOS Version your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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ios software update

iOS Software Update

What is the latest iOS  Software Update?

The answer to What is the latest iOS version question is … iOS 11.0.1 Read here what are iOS software update version 11.0.1 features mentioned as a big list.

Latest ios version – Features

What is Included in the iOS 11.0.1 Update?

Here is the best answer to What Is Included In The iOS 11.0.1 Update. It is a minor point release update. Find here what’s in New iPhone, iPad Software Update. You can get here what’s in new iPhone, iPad Software operating system update. Read now what features are included in this latest iOS software update.

The list of features in this latest iOS version includes…

  1. Bugs in previous versions fixed
  2. Better security improvements
  3. Document scanning in Notes
  4. Do Not Disturb While Driving
  5. New Files app
  6. Indoor maps
  7. Lane guidance for Maps
  8. Live Photos editing
  9. New multitasking features
  10. New Messages app drawer
  11. Payment integration in Messages
  12. Newly designed Control Center
  13. Smarter version of Siri
  14. Other minor updates and, many more…

What is next version of iOS?

iOS 12 is the next version of iOS software update. iOS 12 is an upcoming Apple devices’ operating system update.

Read now about update iOS version. Apple to releases iOS 12 software update. The current version is iOS 11.0.1

iOS software update is to be release out. iOS new update features is the most discussion topic for Apple devices iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch users.

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Searching for when is the next iOS software update?

This article is for you with a latest iOS software update news for your Apple’ iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch devices.

Expert Advice On A DIY Software Solution- iOS Update

Continue your reading on Tech Knol latest technology updates article on trendy technology news about Expert Advice On A DIY Solutions for how to fix Apple iOS software bugs. Read now latest mobile app technology updates article about How to Expert Advice On A DIY Software Solution that helps iOS app developer to develop custom iOS applications development for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod devices at here.

Latest iOS version – iOS Software Update

On Apple’s tenth anniversary, the tech industry received the best operating system from the company. Having said that, iOS 11 has created quite a flutter this year. Next year, we expect to get an improvised version of Apple’s operating system in the name of iOS 12.

Apple to Releases iOS 12 Software Update

And as per the claim by the Cupertino based tech giant Apple, it has stated that iOS 12 will be a giant step for the company. With this giant step, fans expect to get improvised features for the next-generation Apple devices. Let us check some of them right below.

ios software update

Upcoming iOS update : iOS operating system

Latest iOS version for iPhone

Apple to release its latest iOS 12 version for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to the US and global public today. With the improved features in upcoming iOS version,you can expect an ever better iOS software update with latest IOS version 12 as it fix and improve your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch experience.

List of issues with latest iOS version features

Here is the list of bugs determined in the latest iOS version features. They are namely,

1) Bluetooth and Wi-Fi could not be fully disabled
2) Problems with battery life
3) Syncing email over Exchange protocols
4) “Cannot Send Mail. The message was rejected by the server” by Microsoft’ Outlook (Office 365).

Did Apple given detailed explanation about bugs in latest iOS version software update?

To say Nope… But Apple is announced latest iOS software update. Apple did not shared much information about release of latest iOS update 11.0.1. for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Ready to upgrade to latest version iOS 12?

Did you notice any battery or email problems in the recent iOS software version update?

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You can update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the latest version of iOS with 2 methods.

1) Update of iOS software from device

2) Update manually using iTunes

iOS Software Update Features

Expect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles to work Efficiently

No doubt that the Apple developers have massively improved the Control Center for iOS 11, but one thing that we aren’t fans of is you can’t turn off the Wi-Fi or the Bluetooth from it. You have to either tap toggle, and your device will get disconnected from Wi-Fi networks or the Bluetooth accessories, but actually won’t turn off their radios. There are good reasons for this, for, it ensures accessories like Apple Pencil as well as the Apple Watch 3 will continue to work, and features such as AirDrop or AirPlay.

New iOS Update – iOS Software Update

Is all ios software update are same. However, there are numerous reasons as to why you may want to completely disable them. Currently, you have to head to the Settings screen. While Apple is going to bring the new OS somewhere next year, we expect there would at least be an option in order to have proper ‘off’ toggles in the Control Center – say for example harder 3D Touch?

iOS New Update Features – Upcoming iOS Update

Can we Expect a Movable Back Button?

In iOS 11, when users move around the apps, they will have to return to a previous screen. For the fact that there is no option for a hardware back button. Instead, you have to tap a tiny option placed at the top left corner of the display of the screen. While for the people who are right handed this option is not an appropriate one, we would like to see this option become customizable in the upcoming iOS 12, a new Apple iOS update software version.

May Include More Control Center customization

With the all-new iOS 11, Apple has not let down fans, where, you can pick what you see in the Control Center, albeit its selection is not at all comprehensive. We would love the power to include any setting or app shortcut we wish. And if we have the option to remove the likes of music controls and screen mirroring, which currently users are unable to, that would be a great option for all iOS 12 fans.

Wrap Up

Upcoming iOS Update

After creating a flutter this year, Apple’s iOS 11 went official for users with improvised features. While this is something to go gaga for Apple fans, there are options which can improvise the features that have been made available via Apple’s new operating system. But the best thing that Apple did this year is to remove the support for the 32-bit apps and devices that could only run the apps with 32-bit capacity. Right now, for the upcoming iOS 12, all eyes are set to get further news on the Apple’s forthcoming operating system. Stay tuned.

What is latest ios version?

Comment you answer and share your experience with current iPhone operating system version and iOS software update.

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