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IoT Startups – This IoT based startup is Awesome – Cyrrup

Over the past few years, Internet of Things (IoT) has found wide applications every sector, and today, it is one of the most important forms of technology. IoT finds a wide range of applications automotive and is doing a wide range of help services to the user. IoT finds application in logistics such as shipping, distribution, supply chain management across the World.

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IoT Startup Companies and IoT Products

Cyrrup is an IoT based product company based out of Hyderabad, India. Cyrrup products are likely to bring immense benefits to the users. The Startup is committed to protect precious lives and the vehicles associated. Cyrrup is, in fact your friend during emergencies of any sort. Cyrrup’s iot products are based on extensive research on a wide base of sample users.

The Vehicle Tracking System Startup’s two significant products are Vehicle Black Box and TrakCop. There has been considerable progress in vehicle tracking technology over the past few Years. Today, it’s possible to track your car even when you’re home and your car is being operated by your driver to take your dear ones on outing. Today’s technology helps you track your vehicle with the ease of touch of fingers.

Vehicle Black Box – IoT Startups Products

Cyrrup’s Vehicle Black Box comes with smart features and integrates with your vehicle’s dashboard using OBD II Interface. It monitors the vehicle’s performance and behavior of the driver. The device might work as a strong behavior for your driver to go astray in a manner that is necessary not good for the people who are on board.

Monitoring driver behavior – IoT Startups Products

Team Cyrrup is dedicated to the issues confronting vehicle owners including reckless driving, assistance in the event of emergency such as an accident, and the aspect of safety and security aspect of the vehicle and the crew. This includes the driver’s behavior and the boarding passengers.

Breathalyzer – IoT Startups Products

Further, another issue that Vehicle Black Box addresses is the driver’s behavior under the influence of alcohol, that is drunk driving. It comes equipped with an exclusive feature that enables the functionality of Breathalyzer. The objective is to identify the alcohol level for the drive. If the driver is found to have consumed alcohol to the extent that exceeds legal level, the Car’s ignition system is rendered disconnected. This prevents the driver to start the car.

Driver behavior – Top IoT Products from IoT Startups

That’s not all. Owner of the vehicle gets an alert regarding the driver’s delinquent behavior, when the driver ignores traffic signals and bypasses them, or commits a similar behavior.

Theft prevention – New IoT Products from IoT Startups

The feature of theft monitoring system helps prevent vehicle theft from parking location or elsewhere. It prompts the vehicle owner to send an SMS alert to the system, which results in immobilization of the vehicle.

Cameras and panic button – IoT Security Products from IoT Startups

The camera feature of the device helps the owner to know how the driver is doing in course of driving the car – it gives a live video of the interior and exterior around the car. The panic button when pressed sends a text/voice alert to the emergency information receiving terminals and shares such details as location of the vehicle and the kind of help needed.

Fleet Management – IoT Startups Products from IoT Startups

Cyrrup’s Vehicle Black Box can be deployed to oversee the logistic aspect when there are personnel beyond the business – that is people operating vehicle such as buses, delivery vehicles, cabs, fleet operations, packaging of valuables good and their transit. All this is beneficial because it boost’s the efficiency of the business operation, and is likely make it profitable.

Another yet important product offered by Cyrrup is TrakCop.

TrakCop – IoT Startups Products from IoT Startups

TrakCop is a mobile app that is aimed to track vehicle’s transportation. The app alerts the operators (vehicle owners) who are looking for the details of the transportation such as Buses, cabs etc. It also alerts them about the location of the vehicle, how long it will take reach the destination and gives live movement of the vehicle on maps.

For school going children – IoT Startups Products in market

Taking kids to the school bus stop is a necessarily a burden because often both the parents are working today. The problem will compound if the area is a large metropolitan city. This often results in waiting for the bus for about a quarter of an hour before the school bus reaches and boards the children safely.

Tracking school bus – IoT Startups Products in market

TrakCop is an app that comes handy under such situations. Parents/guardians can use the app to locate and know the time exactly when the bus is likely to reach as well as the current location of the bus. This helps save parents’s precious time. The app can be used by both students and employees who commute. They can track the vehicle using their smartphones, so no need of calling friends or colleagues to know vehicle Position.

Public transport vehicles – IoT Startups Products in market

Cyrrup’s TrakCop can be leveraged in public transport system such as buses, cabs to gather information on the vehicle location, route. It also helps get notified for the smartphone users to reach the stop.

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