IoT Technology: Why to Choose Internet of Things Services

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IoT facts and myths

IoT Technology: Why to Choose IoT Services for Business Growth?

Continue your reading on Tech Knol latest technology updates article on Internet of Things and its technology trends. You can also read more about latest technology industry news and tech products reviews articles etc. at here. Learn why everyone is saying about  IoT technology services as one of the top 10 technology trends.

What is IoT Technology?

IoT abbreviated as Internet of Things, sounds a little convoluted, but it’s not technobabble. It is all about embedding sensors in the devices (coffee maker, hospital bed, industrial machinery, wearable device, etc.) to acquire information and use that information to take a desired action across the network. To be precise, it is also defined as data transfer over the network without human or computer intervention. IoT technology is still having baby steps at now and remaining as top future technology trends at now in this digital technology era.

IoT Technology : How it Works?

Using this concept, you can control the temperature of your AC and turn ON/OFF the lights from the mobile device or system without your physical presence at that actual location. This concept is gaining popularity in the latest technology world at a rapid pace and making the lives of people easier. And, it is anticipated that, by the end of 2020, around 26 billion objects would be connected over the network.

IoT Technology Guide

Advantages of Internet of Things Technology

Why IoT Services and Solutions?

Companies continuously look for various ways to boost their customer service quality and automate the customer support processes. However, one of the best ways to improve the service quality and productivity is by amassing data. This data would give a scope for the organization to make amendments. Today, technology industry based many companies started embracing IoT technologies to gather the data and using those data analytics to make alterations to business processes to improve efficiency.  Is machine learning is future?

Data collection : IoT Technology

IoT projects totally rely on the gathered data. By using the sensors or other technologies embedded in these physical objects, you can collect information such as temperature, direction, speed, pressure, and other factors. You can either take the data gathered in the centralized database or monitor it in the real-time. For instance, if you want to acquire the energy consumption data of each appliance in your home, you can either monitor which appliances are in use every day or you can check which appliance is consuming more energy at the end of the month. This helps you manage energy usage and save money on utility bills.

Effectively using the collected data

The data gathered would be useful, if and only if, you take a desired action. Here are a few examples that give a clear insight about IoT technology. Learn here how Machine Learning supports your business growth with the help of internet of things. Big data is helps you more in analyzing your collected IoT devices data for better business growth or personal usage. Read the Big data guide here.

Predict the maintenance time: Many of us do not know when to give the vehicles for maintenance. Sometimes, we hand over the vehicle to the mechanics very often and sometimes we let the vehicle run for years together without proper maintenance. Basically, giving the plush or normal vehicles for maintenance at the right time would avoid you to spend a huge amount on replacing the parts later.

However, if there is something that can help you predict when your vehicle needs maintenance, it would be very helpful for you as a vehicle owner.  There comes IoT. By using IoT in cars, the vehicle owner can check the historical data and real-time sensor data to analyse the vehicle’s condition. If the vehicle is in bad condition, then they can tow it to the garage.

Make use of water sparingly: IoT concept has come closer to the people who are in the irrigation field. No matter whether you are residing in the drought prone region or in the region with water bodies, conversing water is the sheer responsibility of every human being. So, you can use the water wisely by analysing the sensor data. For instance, you can reduce water spraying by analysing the information such as weather conditions, soil temperature, moisture, and the ability of plants to resist to droughts.

Personal use: If there is low milk in the refrigerator, then you get an alert on your mobile that you are low on milk. This helps you to buy milk while coming from the office.

Take an action

After gathering the information, the final step would be to take an action. For instance, if the stock in the vending machine is nearing to complete, then you can order for a new stock to meet the customer needs beforehand.

Benefits of using IoT services in your businesses

Isn’t it incredible to see the devices communicating with each other? This has come true by using IoT concept. IoT integrates technology into the physical objects and helps businesses boost their productivity and accelerate the pace at which they deliver the services.

Offer umpteen business opportunities: IoT gives a room for new business opportunities and helps businesses earn huge revenue by embracing the cutting-edge business models. It enables the businesses to curtail the time on marketing besides improving Return on Investment (ROI).

Track the equipment: Businesses can track the sophisticated machinery and equipment in the real-time with the help of sensors and acquire information. Using this information, the technicians can find the defected parts in the equipment and fix them before the situation gets worse. In addition, this helps the technicians to carry out the maintenance for the equipment at the right time and improve the equipment longevity.

Improve the process efficiency: As the physical objects are connected rigidly to the internet, it allows the businesses to collect data about each object with ease, hence curtailing the operating expenses. Basically, the information acquired from equipment, logistics, and supply chain not just help to reduce the maintenance downtime, but also time to market.

Ensure bulletproof security: IoT blends with sensors and surveillance will help the businesses to closely monitor the equipment against any potent physical menace. In addition, this IoT will allow the teams to act immediately and find the resolution for the glitches.

Industries that can be benefited with IoT Technology

IoT facts and myths

IoT Startup Services – Industry wise

IoT is a new business operating model and a source to gather data about the behaviour of physical objects connected over the network to improve the productivity. Many companies, irrespective of industry are evincing interest in integrating this concept in their workplace.

Internet of Things Solutions Industry wise

Here is the list of industry sectors that can make the most of IoT

Healthcare: Today, you can find people adorning wearable devices to their wrist to track their sleeping habits, exercise effectiveness, and health habits. This is a just a drop in the ocean. IoT is also used to monitor patients, infants, smart diapers,     and other IoT based smart accessories.

Transportation:  Technology has been advanced in the logistics world. When you keep the steering less cars aside, IoT is used to track the vehicle’s location using GPS. In addition, sensors are used to monitor the roadways to ensure that the driver, truck, and the goods inside it are safe.

Manufacturing: IoT technology has come handy for the manufacturing industry. This industry can embed sensors in warehouses and devices to track the workmanship and communicate glitches at a brisk pace. In addition, this communication helps the business to act quickly in case of hazards besides avoiding the damages.

Utilities: The electric smart meters deployed in homes and industries not just allows you to gather information, but also helps you to use the same to find ways to save energy. Also, smart water meters used in homes or offices will prevent water leaks. You can use the sensors in windmills to find data and carry out maintenance work during the time, when energy generation is less.

Retail: With the acquired data using the sensors and video cameras, both the store owner and customers can be benefited, i.e., the former can ensure security of their valuable things in the store while the later one can have personalized shopping experience.

How IOT services help businesses take advantage of IoT

IOT services unlike any other an end-to-end IT Solutions are delivering its IoT services to the global or local clientele in diverse sectors such as Retail, healthcare, Manufacturing, retail and other industries.

IOT services embraced IoT and is encouraging their clients to integrate this concept into their business operations. IOT services has helped their domestic and overseas clientele to embed this IOT technology into their regular life. The team of adroit developers has mastered the technologies associated with IoT. IOT professionals will integrate sensors, hardware, software and cloud services into the business operations to ensure that your business delivers stellar and top-notch services.

At IOT services company, the diverse team of experts uses their skillset and significant experience to understand your business requirements thoroughly and come up with the innovative and sustainable IoT solution that supports IoT infrastructure. IOT services company undertakes every venture as a new one and strive rigorously from start until the project end to give a remarkable output for the clients.

The IOT developers understand the concept, develop, validate, integrate and deploy the apps on Google or iTunes Stores. The goal of IOT services company is to make IoT solution work as it was intended to. IOT companies believes the actual customer service starts after developing the product. The technical support team is available round the clock to address the technical glitches and fix them.

IoT Company Consulting Services

A wide range of IoT services offered IOT company, an IT consulting firm include

• IoT Consultancy
• IoT Solution Development
• IoT Module Development
• IoT Application Development

Why Choose IoT Services?

Attributes that make IOT services company’s team unique include

• Wealth of experience in developing IoT solutions, without compromising on security and privacy
• Years of experience in delivering IT services
• Stay on par with the market trends and develop the apps that enriches the customer experience
• On time delivery of applications
• Prowess team to work on both front-end and back-end application part
• Experience in data analysis
• Use proven processes and methodologies

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