Kotak Jifi – Banking Experience Unlike Any Other

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Have you ever thought you can open bank account with a simple signup?
Have you ever thought you can earn reward points for referring a friend to a bank?
Have you ever thought your Facebook activity can earn reward points for you?
Have you ever thought you can get your account information with just a tweet?

All these sounds crazy right? Yes they are, now banking could be fun and hassle free with Kotak Jifi Social Banking.

Kotak Jifi - Social Banking

What is Kotak Jifi and How it is Different from Kotak Savings account?

Kotak jifi is a digital zero balance and non-interest bearing current account which is connected with your social accounts like Facebook and twitter. In Kotak savings account you need to maintaina a minimum balance and you get interest on the amount where as Kotak Jifi is a zero balance account and you don’t get interest on the balance you hold. Initially you have to credit your Jifi account with Rs. 5000 for account verification which you can use later for other transactions.

How Banking Could be Fun with Kotak Jifi?

With the inception of social media, banking became more fun and easier. Kotak Jifi has many features to keep the customer engaging. Following are some of the funny ways to bank with Kotak Jifi.

1. Account Opening – At Your Door Step

Usually to open any bank account we need to visit the branch office. But with Kotak Jifi just login with your Facebook or twitter account and fill in your details. That’s it a representative from Kotak will visit you at your location with the forms to open your account. All you need is to fill the forms and provide the necessary documentation like identity and address proofs.

2. Social Banking – Instant Updates

With Kotak Jifi you can get all your account information on twitter. After signup just connect your twitter account with your Jifi account and then send tweets to get information like account balance, statement, new cheque book request, locating ATM and many more. Don’t be afraid of your privacy all the account information will be sent as direct messages on twitter so your information will not be public.

Kotak Social Banking

3. Refer and Get Rewarded

When you open a new Kotak Jifi account an unique url will be generated which you can use to refer your friend. For each referral you will get reward points and also you will get rewarded for your online or shopping transactions. You can also earn reward points by liking and commenting on Kotak bank page posts. You can transfer your rewards points to your friends or redeem all your reward points for buying any life style products or movie tickets etc.

Kotak Jifi rewards

4. Platinum Debit Card – All You Need

With Kotak Jifi account you will get a platinum debit card which you can use for cash withdraw at ATMs and shopping. ATM withdraw limit is Rs. 50,000 and shoping purchase limit is Rs 2 Lakhs. In addition you will get Rs. 2 Lakhs card liability insurance, Rs. 1 Lakh lost baggage insurance and Rs. 20 Lakhs air accident insurance.

Kotak Jifi Platinum Debit Card

5. Mobile Apps – On the Go

Kotak has developed Kotak Mobile Banking app and Kotak Offers app for banking on the go. With Kotak mobile banking app you can check your account balance, transfer money, mini statement etc. With Kotak offers app you can check offers and deals available on Kotak Mahindra cards.

Kotak Mobile Banking and Offers Apps.jpg

 6. Kotak MoneyWatch – Your Magnifier

Kotak MoneyWatch is a tool that helps you in tracking your income and expenditures. It can generate 30 different reports like profit & loss, income tax calculation, capital gains etc. It gives you a picture of current financial position. For first year you can use Kotak MoneyWatch for free later you have to pay annual fee.

Kotak MoneyWatch


Hassle free account opening, zero balance account, referral rewards, account updates via twitter and platinum debit card are the highlights of Kotak Jifi account. If you are social savvy then I would recommend you to open a Kotak Jifi account which rewards you for your social activity. What are you waiting for go ahead and open your Kotak Jifi account today.

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