Latest Products in Robotic Technology – Smart Cars, Robots

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What is Robot?

According to a definition by the Robot Institute of America, a robot is a reprogrammable, multifunctional manipulator. This manipulator consists of

1) a set of sensors that gathers data on its surroundings,

2) a mechanical device that has the ability to interact with its environment, and

3) a system that is able to communicate the sensory data to the mechanical part of the device.

The creation of this manipulator, as well as the design and development of the system that communicates the sensory data to the mechanical device is robotic technology.

Latest Robotic technology products

Latest Robotic technology products

In simpler terms, robotic technology deals with the use of both knowledge and tools to serve the purpose of making a robot. It is an artificial intelligence based technology that has rapidly developed over the years, resulting in the production of some modern marvels, many of which make aspects of human living easier and better. Robots are actually computers mechanically interfaced.

For example, it was through this technology that industrial robots, machines that can be made to do the same thing without change or fail, were developed. It was also through this technology that scientists were able to create machines that could simulate learned behavior, the basis of many robot toys. Finally, thanks to this technology, service robots came to be. This type of robot, the service robot, has been used in so many aspects of human living, from space exploration, to medical surgery, to the simplest of household chores.

Latest product in robot technology

Like many areas of robotics, robotic technology is constantly being developed. Some of the latest wonder products of this robotic industry technology include:

• Energy Conversion – The development of a smart mechanical device, known as Nextreme’s Thermobility Wireless Power Generator, that can sense heat in its environment and convert this heat into electricity has been seen as very useful for those who find themselves in less than ideal situations.

• Self Driving Cars – A car that uses artificial intelligence, cameras, GPS, lasers, and radar to navigate through terrain. It is the perfect example of robotic technology because one can clearly see the mechanical device, the car, the sensors it uses to gather data, and the system it uses to manipulate the device.

• Prosthetic Arms with Sensory Perception – Instead of connecting to just a few nerve channels, a new prosthetic arm should be able to connect hundreds of nerve channels to neural interfaces, which will give the amputee more natural control and sensory perception.

• Affordable Personal Robots – A relatively cheap personal robot that can assist its owner with a variety of tasks in the home or in the office.

These are just a small handful of developments. Robotic technology advances everyday, and with each advancement, more products are created and manufactured, each one aimed towards bettering human living and society.

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