Latest Technologies to Consider While Buying a TV

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TV latest technology updates

Latest Technologies to Consider While Buying a TV

You may have seen people accessing the internet right on their bigger TV screens and also connecting external devices to enjoy other content.

There has been a new dawn in the TV technologies these days as you can do more than just watching TV shows on your TV. While buying a TV these days, you may come across many unfamiliar jargons like 4K, Full HD, Smart TV and beyond.

TV latest technology updates

It may confuse you, and you may not buy a correct TV. Hence, here is a post that will help you know about the new technologies on TV that you can consider while buying.

Consider these technologies while buying a TV

1) The screen resolution

In today’s market, you can see TVs with many types of screen resolution to enrich your TV watching experience. Some of the known ones are DVD, HD or HD Ready, Full HD or Blu-ray, Ultra HD or 4K and 8K. If you are investing in television for the long-term, then you should go for 4K. The launch of 4K resolution means that you can enjoy excellent quality and feature-laden Full HD TV sets for paying less than before.

What’s more, if you are buying a TV that will own for the next 5-6 years, then it’s good to opt for 4K screen resolution. It is because we have started to see more 4K content from streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon. The 4K landscape is surely going to change, and it’s worth considering a 4K Haier TV or another brand.

2) The high refresh rate is a boon for gamers and sports fans

The refresh rate exclaims how many times per second the picture on your TV is redrawn or refreshed and it is measured in Hertz. This technology is vital for sports fans and gamers. It is because pictures on a TV with a low refresh rate may look choppy or blurry ruining the experience. If you are concerned about this, then going for an LG TV with a refresh rate of at least 120Hz will be great.

3) Smart features are the new normal

You may see that most of the leading TV brands are manufacturing TV with Smart features. It simply means that you can connect such TVs to the internet and run apps such as Amazon, YouTube, and Netflix. It converts your TVs into computing devices, and you should buy one after going through the reviews.

Having features like wifi, bluetooth and other connectivity options make very easy for the audience to watch their favourite shows, movies, music, sports and news without any hassle which creates a great user experience.

4) Slimmer TVs won’t offer great sound

Majority of TVs don’t have great built-in sound as they are getting slimmer. If excellent audio quality matters to you then you should get a surround sound system. If it’s not possible, then even decent sound bars are also available to enhance the audio of your Sony TV or any other brand. Having options of multiple brands in the market companies have become smarter and competing with each other to offer the best quality sound system.

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