Learn Mobile Repair Tips and Tricks

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Learn Basic Mobile Repair Tips and Tricks

Basic Mobile Repair Tips and Tricks You Should Learn

Do you want to learn some basic mobile repair tips and tricks?

In this time and age, it is hard to find someone who doesn’t use a mobile phone. A mobile device, or even a smartphone for that matter, is becoming closer to an everyday necessity than a fashion statement.

Basic Mobile Repair Tips and Tricks

The use of a mobile or smartphone is only increasing and getting more efficient and effective. The smartphone is all too important in the personal lives of people around the world, it connects families and friends living in one corner of the world to another, via features like a phone call, video call and much more. On the other hand, the increasing use of smartphones in a professional environment and for business purposes will make it way too hard to go back to the old ways.

You can connect with your team, share documents, attend important meetings, manage subordinates and conduct your regular office tasks when off-site or from a remote area.

Looking at how basic and important the use of mobile phones is, it is only smart to better understand your mobile phone devices and specifically learn more about the basic mobile repair tips and tricks that help you in emergencies when you cannot get in touch with professional help.

Learn Mobile Repair Tips and Tricks

Continue reading this blog to learn more about the basic mobile repair tips and tricks you should know about.

1. Recover your wet mobile phone

Learn Basic Mobile Repair Tips and Tricks

Have you ever mistakenly dropped your mobile phone into a washbasin, bathtub or a swimming pool?

Don’t worry, we all have unintentionally done that somewhere down the line. However, when it happens many of us get into a panic because we don’t what to do. Looking at how easily one can get in this situation, let’s learn what to do the next you get your mobile phone wet.

Without wasting any time, turn off your cell phone and remove its battery cover and the SIM card. Then, take a plastic bag and fill it with uncooked rice, and just place your mobile phone inside the bag overnight. By morning, all the moisture should be soaked and your phone should be working fine.

2. Effectively clean your keypad

Best Mobile Repair Tips and Tricks
For obvious reasons, no matter how hard you may try some small particles and dust will get stuck to the inside of your keypad. However, if you would like, you can easily clean your mobile’s keypad at home. Start with gently shaking your mobile phone and try blowing some compressed air into your keypad. This should properly clean your keypad and make it back to how it was new. However, if you feel the need you can try gently shaking the phone again for better results.

3. What to do when mobile phone overheats.

top 10 Mobile Repair Tips and Tricks

Overheating of a mobile phone is one of the most panic causing mobile problems according to many mobile phone users. However, this problem is more common than one might think. The reason why your mobile phone overheats are that any one of your mobile software or hardware has been over-utilized. This often happens when you have been using the mobile phone for a considerable amount of time.

It may even feel as if your pocket if you have your mobile phone in your pocket, or your hand if you are holding your mobile phone, is burning.

However, all you need to do, the next time it happens, is to immediately stop using your phone, switch it off and keep it aside for a while to cool down. In addition, for quicker results, you can also remove the mobile phone’s case and then keep it aside to cool down.

4. Fix your cell phone hangs and freezes

This is another common problem with mobile phones that can be the reason for frustration. Your mobile phone mostly gets hanged or it simply freezes, refusing to respond, after you have been using the device for some time. However, to make this issue better, all you need to do is switch off your mobile phone and switch it back on. You can also try to remove the battery and reboot it, or you can restore your mobile by connecting it to your computer.

5. Fix your cell phone charging issues

Mobile phone Repair Tips and Tricks
The charging issues also arise after you have been using your mobile phone for some time and they can be very frustrating as well. However, to get away with this problem you need to check your mobile phone battery and the charger you are using.

First-of-all, you need to find out if your mobile phone battery is working fine, you can tell this by checking the outside condition of it. If it looked damaged that means you will have to replace it with a new one. However, if your battery is not damaged that means your charger is. You will also have to check your charger, you can do that by trying to charger another mobile phone using it.

If it doesn’t work then you will have to replace it with a new one. Whether you are replacing your battery or charger, make sure you replace it with a type that is most suitable for your mobile’s make and model.

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