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Best Way to Learn SEO at Home – Best Sources to Learn SEO

Easily we could have chosen the title “How to learn SEO at home” but we didn’t. Learning is a continuous process and more so in SEO. This is because the activities which were sky-rocketing your sites back in 2009 have now gone obsolete and are of no use in latest seo technology. Instead you can get yourself penalised by search engines for doing so. According to Rankfrog – Top SEO Services Company in India, it is equally important for an intermediate or expert to brush up their SEO knowledge.

best way to learn seo

Top sites to learn seo online free step by step

Learn SEO from Scratch

So it’s not only the beginner that is learning the trade 24/7. The experts and intermediate in Digital Marketing are also adding up to their knowledge in order to stay competitive and stay at the top as far as their website rankings in Google are concerned. Find here top seo blogs to learn search engine optimization best practices from scratch to SEO expert level.

How to Learn SEO Online free Step by Step

Here are the Top SEO Blogs for learning SEO techniques online, step by step from scratch that you must read and follow regularly in order to keep your SEO learning going. Here is the best best seo marketing resources to learn seo online step by step. (You can Google seo best practices from these best places to learn seo fast).

1. The Moz Blog

Moz has become one of the trusted names in the field of SEO. It has everything for everyone. Whether it is the beginner or an industry expert, they all read it and follow regularly. Moz has given a lot to the SEO industry in the form of Blogs, KPIs and Tools. After the end of Google Page Rank era people have adopted MOZ’s Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) as their preferred indicators for calculating authority of a website. Moz has become a symbol of trust for SEO geeks and beginners.

Frequency – 4-5/week
Post Length – 2000+ words
Social Platform – Twitter

Why to Follow – Industry SEO Trendsetter, Highly informative and researched Data, Trusted SEO Leader

2. NeilPatel.com

seo training blogs to learn SEO google best practices

Neil Patel best SEO consultant

Top influencing Digital Marketer on the web – says the Wall Street Journal. Over the past few years Neil Patel has helped brands like Amazon, HP, NBC and Viacom gain higher revenues from web. Few companies he has worked with made it to the list of Top 100 companies in the world. Neil provides easy to executive tips in short videos but explains the how to dos in longer blog-posts.

Frequency – 15-18/week
Post Length – 1000+ words
Social Platform – Facebook

Why to Follow – Industry’s Top Influencer, Easy to execute tips, Lots of How to Do Guides, Innovative strategies

3. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is definitely one of the top blogs for learning SEO. They publish great content for begineers and experts about Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The blog focusses on providing fresh content from industry experts in the form of tips, tactics, advices and how to do posts regarding mentioned subjects.

Frequency – 4-5/week
Post Length – 1000+ words
Social Platform – Twitter

Why to Follow – Latest Search Engine Updates, Industry Experts Contributors, Lot of How to Do Guides

4. RankFrog’s Blog

RankFrog India runs a blog that helps modern day Digital Marketeers to get going with latest SEO updates, tricks and strategies which is quite often missed by popular global blogs. Rankfrog provides in-depth detail insights to every activity prevalent in SEO & Digital Marketing. This is the place where you get the smartest of answers to the dumbest of questions. Like How to Build Backlinks, How to write Blog Posts that people actually read, On-page SEO tricks, latest SEO trends etc.

Frequency – 3-4/week
Post Length – 600+ words
Social Platform – Facebook

Why to Follow – Tips for Beginners and Intermedicates, Checklist Style Data, Unconventional SEO Hacks, Local SEO tricks

5. Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal is again one of the powerful SEO blogs going around. They publish content that is based on research, trends and observations made by industry experts. It talks about every Digital Marketing platform including Paid Search, SEO, SMO, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Entrepreneurship. This is where many of the industry experts voice their opinions about the present and future of Digital Marketing industry.

Frequency – 10-12/week
Post Length – 1500+ words
Social Platform – Twitter

Why to Follow – High Blogging Frequency, Data for Beginners and Intermediates

6. Backlinko Blog

Backlinko is a traffic generation business run by Brian Dean. It talks about Content Marketing, SEO, Link Building, Lead Generation and Website Traffic. Similar to Rankfrog, Backlinko is one website that not only blogs about the industry trends but also practices them in their campaigns. It helps businesses in building huge revenue. Of course, this will only happen when you give them the control of your digital marketing campaign. You get to listen less from them but whenever you do it is very insightful and very beneficial as it is always based on their practical implication.

Frequency – 1/month
Post Length – 2000+ words
Social Platform – Facebook

Why to Follow – Detailed Case Studies & Reports, Long-form of Content, Checklist Style Data

Online SEO learning is not difficult but executing learning and producing result is. The key is to keep practicing the stuff you’ve learnt online from trusted sources. Keep abreast with latest SEO updates by reading top SEO blogs, joining relevant forums/groups and following search engine optimization industry pages for new SEO tips and tricks. You can learn SEO online from scratch step by step.

Have a Happy Learning SEO Day! Have a Happy Blogging!

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