Long Tail Keywords SEO That Converts More

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In our advanced link building guide we discussed different ways of link building. In that post we told search engine optimization is the back bone of every online business success. Keywords usage is one of the most important parts of SEO. Every webpage on the web is targeted to one or more keywords. In the beginning days netizens used to search with short tail keywords Eg: SEO, Link Building, Shoes etc. Slowly users started searching with more descriptive queries Eg: SEO Services in Hyderabad, How to cook a vegetable Biryani etc. These are called long tail keywords. A long tail keyword is a keyword phrase with 3 or more words that collectively are more specific than a single keyword. In this post we will explain the importance of long tail keywords and how long tail keywords drive traffic that converts more which means more sales.

Why Long Tail Keywords?

Firstly the competition for short tail keywords is high.These days net users are using more descriptive search queries for getting answers and buying products. For example if you want to buy a Samsung Galaxy S5 you may do a little bit research about the smartphone by reading some reviews and watching few videos. If you found more positive reviews you may buy the product. Since users are doing more descriptive searches so it is recommended to use long tail keywords in your landing page or any webpage. We will explain how long tail keywords converts more with a smartphone buying example.

Long Tail Keywords SEO

From the above graph it is clearly evident that users who search the keyword smartphones are high hence it is high cost and also they are generic searches which means they won’t buy a smartphone. Next people who search for Samsung smartphones are moderate in number and they may or may not buy the smartphone. But very few users do more specific search like Samsung Galaxy S5 review or price but their conversion rate is nearly 70%.

Long Tail Keywords SEO That Converts More

In order to use long tail keywords in your post one must do long tail keywords research. Doing long tail keywords research needs a little bit effort. Follow below steps to find long tail keywords that converts more.

1. Using Google Suggestions

When we start typing a search query Google starts suggesting some queries. For example if you type long tail keywords, Google suggests few long tail keywords as shown in below image.

Google Suggested Keywords

These are the keyword phrases people actually search for. Using these Google suggested keyword phrases in your webpage drives more traffic to your website. Don’t try to use all the suggested long tail keywords use those which actually fit in your content.

2. Using Google Related Searches

When you search for a query in Google at the bottom of the search results page Google displays searches related to your query. When we searched for long tail keywords Google displayed following related search queries.

Google Related Searches

You can use relevant keyword phrases in your content so that your website drives more traffic for different keywords. Optimize your landing pages for the relevant long tail keywords so that conversion rate will be high.

3. Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics tells you which keyword phrases lead visitors to your website. On your Google analytics dashboard navigate to Acquisition>Keywords>Organic ornavigate to Acquisition>Search Engine Optimization>Queries it will display list of keyword phrases that lead users to your website. Those are the keywords relevant to your website.

Google Analytics Queries

If your website has content for relevant long tail keywords then it’s good else create content for those keyword phrases with good call-to-actions. These are the keyword phrases which you have to convert on your website.

4. Using Long Tail Keywords Research Tools

With Google suggestions and related searches you may miss different variations of long tail keywords. So we recommend to use different tools for long tail keywords research. Using Google Trends you can find popular searches on Google. HitTail is a long tail keyword tool that focuses on your existing traffic, keywords and suggests most promising long tail keywords for your website. WordStream keyword tool generates more long tail keyword suggestions than any other tool.

5. Using Descriptive Titles and Headings

We all know when a user searches for a query Google looks whether those keywords present in particular content title and heading. That’s why it is highly recommended to use more descriptive titles and headings. Use long tail keywords in your content title and headings so that your content ranks well for the specific long tail keyword.

6. Using Internal Linking

Internal linking is nothing but linking to your own content. Linking your own content for different long tail keywords ranks your website for different variations of the same keyword phrase. For example you can link Blogger and WordPress differences in many ways like  Blogger vs WordPress, Differences between Blogger and WordPressBlogger or WordPress? You can also read our advanced internal linking seo guide to know in-depth about internal linking.


Long tail keywords are more specific keyword phrases with high conversion rates. So instead of short tail keywords focus on long tail keywords that are relevant to your website or product. But be cautious don’t use too many long tail keywords as it is also treated as keyword stuffing.

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9 Comments on “Long Tail Keywords SEO That Converts More”

  1. Hi Anil,

    Long tail keyword is always effective in seo process. And it helps more if we targeting the local area. But after a hummingbird a chance you can take for marketing but may be your site will punish. Thanks !!!

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  3. Anil, another great article my friend. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve always seen better conversions with long tail keywords. You make a great point on mixing up your keywords with internal link building. I see webmasters constantly using the same main keywords, I’ve always felt that mixing them up does better overall and I’ve seen in it studies. Always a pleasure Anil, thanks again!

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