How to Migrate from Blogger to WordPress

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migrate from blogger to wordpress

Blogger and WordPress are famous blogging platforms on the web. Choosing between Blogger and WordPress is a tricky part. Both has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. Check out Blogger vs WordPress – Differences Between Blogger and WordPress. WordPress is a robust blogging platform with it’s awesome Themes, Plugins and Widgets. On a Blogger blog we need to implement SEO manually. But using simple plugins we can easily implement SEO on a WordPress blog. If you decide to migrate from Blogger to WordPress follow the below procedure.

Switch from Blogger to WordPress – The Beginning

The Objective: Your blog is currently hosted on Blogger but now you want to move your blog from Blogger to WordPress (Self-hosted) with a personal domain name say

The Difficulties in Moving from Blogger to WordPress

WordPress has import tool using which we can easily import Blogger blog posts, comments and categories  to WordPress blog but still there are bigger issues to deal.

1. When you migrate from Blogger to WordPress all your old posts urls will be changed. Blogger has no 301 redirect option to inform search engines that your blog has moved to a new web address thus you loose search engine traffic.

2. Some of your old posts on could be ranked high for certain keywords. When you migrate to WordPress with new web address you might loose all that organic search traffic.

3. People who liked your posts might bookmarked your article. Some bloggers might have given link to your post in their post. Since you migrated to new web address you loose all that traffic and Backlinks.

4. When you switch from Blogger to WordPress there are chances of loosing your feed Subscribers unless they manually update their feed url. Thus your page rank and visitors count will go down.

Now we know all the issues that we have to deal when migrating from Blogger to WordPress. We will overcome all the issues step by step by following below procedure.

Migrate from Blogger to WordPress

Before going into the actual procedure it is always recommended to take backup of your Blogger blog posts and Template. Check out How to Backup or Restore Blogger Template? and How to Import or Export Blogger Blog Posts?

#1 If you don’t have a custom domain and hosting then buy a new domain and hosting from a web hosting company which offers PHP and MySQL databases and install WordPress in your new hosting account. Check out our post best web hosting service – Bluehost vs HostGator vs GoDaddy.

#2 Login to your WordPress account. On your WordPress dashboard under Tools click on Import and Select Blogger. Grant access to your Google account then all your Blogger blog posts, comments and categories will be imported to WordPress.

Import Blogger to WordPress

#3 Copy the below code to a empty notepad file and save it as blogger.php and upload the file to WordPress Theme Directory. To upload the file login to cPanel of your hosting account and use any FTP client or some hosting companies are providing direct upload option.

Note: You have to upload this blogger.php file in your theme directory i.e. wp-content/themes/my-theme, where my-theme is the folder name for the theme that you’re using on your WordPress site.

#4 From your WodrPress Dashboard Click on Pages and Add New Page. Keep the page Title and url as blogger. Under Page Attribute select Template blogger from the drop down menu. No need to add any content just Save the page.

WordPress New Page

#5 Open your Blogger Dashboard -> Layout -> Edit HTML and choose “Revert to default template”. Empty the Template and Copy-paste the below code in the “Edit Template” area and click “Save Template Changes”.

Note: In the above code replace with your WordPress site url.

From now your Blogger posts should redirect to corresponding WordPress post. Thus you won’t loose organic search traffic.

RSS Feed Update

We have done everything expect RSS feed update. Once you switch from Blogger to WordPress your RSS feed url will also change. Login to FeedBurner and update your feed url. Default WordPress feed url will be

Note: Still the Blogger to WordPress Migration is not 100% done. All your image urls will point to your old Blogger blog posts only. So it is recommended not to delete your old Blogger blog. If you delete it all your images in WordPress posts will be broken.

Switch from Blogger to WordPress using Plugin

If you find the above part tricky to implement there is a Blogger to WordPress plugin available in WordPress plugins directory. Just install it and follow the procedure explained in the below video. Before proceeding implement the Step #2 in the above procedure and use the plugin.


WordPress always has upper hand on Blogger. So we sincerely recommend you to move from Blogger to WordPress. If you have any difficulty in migrating Blogger to WordPress contact us, we are very much happy to help you.

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16 Comments on “How to Migrate from Blogger to WordPress”

  1. i understand the importance of this post, because only a few months back i craeted my site on wordpress, which was previously made on blogger. I had a real tough time understanding the procedure. You have guided here so well Anil. Wonderful article.

  2. so after i import my entire blog to wordpress. In a way i am hosting it. Do i ahve to pay nything ??? i mean wordpress is a paid service.

  3. Can you please explain further how to upload a file to WordPress theme directory? I use blue host. Thanks!

  4. Hello! I am interested in this topic because I’m tired with my blog on Blogger and as far as I know everybody says that WordPress is much better. So, I decided to move my blog to WordPress soon, but I really don’t know where to start. Your article is very informative but still I have some questions:
    1. You have wrtten that it is better not to delete the site on Blogger in order not to lose the data on WordPress. My question is: Is it appropriate to exist two blogs with the same content? I mean, will Google let it be?
    2. What items does that plugin you have used migrate? And what can you say about the quolity of the migration?
    3. I have found this plugin: Have you heard about it or used it? If you have, then what can you suggest?
    I’m looking forward for your answer. Thanks a lot in advance.

    1. The reason for not delete blogspot blog is because your post images will have blogspot url. If you delete the blog. In your blogspot blog images will display as broken. After migration blospot posts will be redirected WordPress so there is no duplicate content issue.

      Plugin I mentioned in the post is trusted by many users. It migrates everything. But it’s safer to migrate manually. We can migrate your blog for free. Kindly contact through our contact form.

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