Top Mobile App Development Industry Trends

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Top Mobile App Development Industry Trends

The Smartphone industry has boomed over the past couple of years. As a result, new apps were launched every single day. At present Google Play hosts more than 2.2 million apps, while Apple App Store has over 2 million apps. These figures are not likely to slow down anytime soon. Market experts reveal that the figures would rise by leaps and bounds.

mobile app development industry trends and mobile technology trends

Find here latest mobile app development industry trends

According to Gartner, over 268 billion downloads would generate $77 billion worth revenue in 2017 (Source:

Well, apps are not just limited to Smart phones any longer; there are wearable devices, smart cars, connected homes, IoT-enabled services and loads more to venture. In 2017, experts predict that there’s a huge opportunity for consumers as well as entrepreneurs with loads of excitement. There’s been a steady growth in cloud-based apps and related services over the past year and real-time data syncing has become immensely popular.

Looking forward to 2017, the Mobile App Development Industry trends that can rise are:

#1: LBS (Location-based Services)

GPS rules all mobile devices in 2017, with location-based services evolving to give real-time information to users. LBS have already been implemented and put to use for location-specific payment portals, indoor mapping, retail offers, navigation, travel & tourism, and much more. Beacon is one of the most popular LBS technologies today; however, as it drains battery really fast, certain hardware improvisations are being considered for a better experience.

#2: Android Instant App

mobile app development industry and mobile technology trends

What are latest mobile app industry and mobile technology trends

The Instant App feature was announced by Google very recently. It promises to deliver quick response and instant app download feature. Users need not download the app or install it – it can be run by a single tap. This feature is likely to change the face of the app industry – the fact that you can run an app without installing it in your handset!

No download, no waiting, no installation, and no storage occupancy – only pure fun on the move!

#3: Augmented Reality Integration

Augmented Reality - top mobile app development industry trend

VR Augmented Reality (AR) technology is latest mobile technology trend

Augmented Reality technology trends can grab your focus and will become a part of your life soonAugmented Reality (AR) has been appreciated and criticized equally. Simply put, AR has been touted as a gimmick only for promotional purposes. However, over time, a large number of apps have utilized AR purposefully. With all the latest wearable devices, AR tools are now used more productively and effectively than before.

#4: IoT App Integration to Rise

IoT App development services

IoT App Integration services  – latest digital technology trend in Internet of Things

The IoT industry is all set for a big boom in 2017, and apps catering to this feature with the best integration would ride steady. Businesses in the fields of education, health, smart homes, security, automobiles and others have already begun experimenting and integrating with the advancements in IoT. In 2017, this would be a major feature and involve usage of complicated mobile platforms with enterprise back-end infrastructure for better communication and data sharing between devices.

#5: Artificial Intelligence to Rule

Artificial Intelligence Ai technology

Be a part in latest trends in Artificial Intelligence Ai technology

AI would be the rule for apps. Imagine how nice it would be to imagine a photo that changes with situations or moods. It is the most dynamic feature that can have a massive impact on the way the industry functions. In fact, AI would be predominantly used in the highly proficient self-learning apps with customized features for a personalized experience and location-specific data.

Last but not the least is the app security feature – it is the most important consideration and a trend that remains unchallenged. With all the new features added to Smart phones, security becomes all the more crucial than ever before. Apps having in-built security features can definitely be a game changer. Finally, users expect a smooth and premium app experience in 2017.

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