Does Mobile phone Radiation Cause Skin Cancer : Separating myth from facts

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Mobile phone Radiation Cause Skin Cancer ? Is this true?

Find and Separate the myth from facts about your Mobile phone usage and Mobile phone Radiation.

No matter who you are, what you do, where you love, you have one thing in common with the rest of the world. You own a mobile phone. Everyone does. You take it everywhere you go, put it in your pockets, hold it close to your ear, and touch its screen with your fingers.

Your mobile phone is now your computer, alarm clock, media player, music player – it is everything these days and absolutely obligatory.

Mobile phones Emit Electromagnetic Radiation

Whilst everyone uses mobile phones, few are aware of the dangers they possess. It is an undeniable fact that mobile phones emit electromagnetic radiation and just like the name suggest it is not very safe.

But there is nothing to worry, since almost all the studies haven’t conclusively proven that mobile phones are dangerous in a serious way.

Well… Apart from Samsung exploding in your face, that is something entirely different. Jokes apart, overheating is very different from radiation.

Mobile phone Radiation is not good but there is no proof it causes skin cancer

The good news is that there is no conclusive proof that SAR radiation that occurs when human body absorbs effect of RF (radio frequency) poisoning. In the 1980s a Swedish research team concluded that talking on mobile phones for longer durations can cause brain tumor to develop – but that was never conclusively proved.

However nowadays the digital broadcasting is much safer these days, but there are some gray areas. It is yet to be decisively determined if there is a link between cancer and mobile phones.

Unfortunately, although it is known that mobile phones are safe, this sword of inconclusiveness makes everyone eerie.

What are the side effects of SAR and electromagnetic radiation?

There are non-threating side effects of both SAR and electromagnetic radiation. Let’s begin with the heating radiation – it is very trivial and have no effect on the brain or skin, apart from discomfort.

However SAR radiation is slightly more serious. Some researchers say that the radiation effects the skull and, somehow the radiation waves hit the skull and that is the reason why we have headaches after talking on the phone for longer periods of times.

When it comes to electromagnetic radiation, some researchers have put forward the theory that ER impacts blood vessels and nerve tissue.

Is there a way to eliminate the Mobile phone Radiation risk?

There are some precautionary measures one could take and they don’t involve any money or even effort.

For one, we should always try to keep mobile phones as further from the body as possible when on a call. Use hands-free or speaker phones. For social as well as medical reasons, it is advisable that you try to limit mobile phone conversations as much as possible.

There is one thing most people don’t know; when signal is weak and you are on call, the radiation is higher. Therefore if there is weak signal try to limit your conversation.

Mobile phones releases Pollution unlike Petrol

When any mobile phone tries to connect to a base, it uses minimal energy, thus emitting low radiation. However when there is no signal the mobile phone is struggling to connect to the RF tower, therefore it is on high power and emitting more energy.

Think of it like a vehicle that is about to run out of petrol, the engine violently tries to stay afloat, you press the foot on the gas desperately, there is less output but more energy all around.

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