NBA 2k18 Must Be A Major Improvement Upon Its Predecessor To Retain Fans

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2K and Visual Concepts’ annual basketball simulation gaming installments have undoubtedly drawn a fan base that spans a large community. The long running series has been in existence since 1999, and the fact that its number of fans has not waned through the years goes to show that it really is one of the most revered sport simulation games to be in existence today.

With 2017 well underway, we are looking forward to the next possible offering from 2K in the series. There are currently a lot of questions surrounding the sequel to last year’s installment, simply known to the public for the time being ads NBA 2K18. There is little doubt about the existence of a new entry in the series, but what has us intrigued is the possibility surrounding it.

NBA 2K18, Basketball Simulation Gaming

NBA 2K18, Basketball Simulation Gaming

The NBA 2K franchise has certainly come a long way since 1999, and last year’s installment was proof enough of that. The game brought in a number of new features that brought the game way closer to its real life counterpart. Basic technical aspects, like the animation, saw some improvements as well. But the fact remains that features alone do not make a great game.

The developers need to pay heed to the importance of a sound technical base- something that NBA 2K17 was sorely missing. So can we expect the upgrades that the series needs do badly in NBA 2K18 2K18? So let’s take a look at some of the most popular upgrades that fans want to see in this year’s game.

Engine Upgrade: This has to top the list of all wishlists out there. In fact, we feel like it is so necessary that it shouldn’t even need a mention on a wishlist. But the truth is, trying to cram in a number of new features on a yearly basis has led the creators to overlook a very important basis of the game. This led to sketchy animation, a number of unwanted glitches while playing, and unrealistic representation of anything that was off the court.

For NBA 2K18, we hope that this is the first thing that the creators choose to address. Some fans are even of the opinion that if the creators need to skip a year to make a better game to launch in 2018, then so be it. But that would harm the reputation of the franchise as a yearly one, so it is not likely to happen. All things considered, an engine upgrade has to be on the cards for NBA 2K18.

More Details in Gameplay: We think it was high time that the creators improved upon the existing gameplay style of the NBA 2K series. But if we had to sit and pick apart everything that we would like to see being worked into the gameplay, it would take us the better part of the day. So we will say one thing here- we really want the sport’s finer aspects to shine through with the new game.

To elaborate, basketball is not just a sport where you have to pass the ball through the hoop- there is so much more. Surely Visual Concepts and 2K can find a way to implement the on-court action and drama more truthfully in NBA 2K18? So yes, we would love to see the players trying to drag each other down physically while they aim for a shot or tussle over gaining control of the ball in a more realistic way.

NBA 2K18 Release Date

There is no doubt that 2017 will see the launch of NBA 2K18 across all the platforms it comes on. However, it hasn’t yet been announced officially, so we don’t really know anything clearly about the NBA 2K18 Release Date yet. But we think it is all but certain that the new game will launch sometime in September , 2017, as has been the norm over the past couple of years.

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