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Why Does Modern Cybersecurity & Online Privacy Matter?

As the technology we use to access the internet progresses further and further forward, cybersecurity and online privacy become ever more relevant. We already pine for a certain level of privacy in our day-to-day lives but due to the fact that a large chunk of our lives are on the web now, privacy while online is growing in interest.

All users should be taking an interest in their cybersecurity as everyone from everyday individual people to multinational corporations host important information somewhere online. Whether it is personal details, like family members, phone numbers, or addresses, or business figures and dealings, this information is at risk of being made public without proper attention paid to cybersecurity.

With all of this in mind, we’re going to take a look at some of the core reasons why cybersecurity and online privacy matter both at the business and individual level. The aim is to reach more and more people in the hopes that they will realise how important it is to take preventative measures to keep your information safe.

Cybersecurity for Business: Why does it Matter?

Despite the unavoidable news stories about companies who have suffered a major data breach from hackers and the like, a lot of people still don’t take their online privacy too seriously. You don’t have to look far to find instances of serious controversies that have taken place in this area over the past few years, such as when the affairs website Ashley Madison had its users’ data stolen or when Sony’s Playstation Network was compromised by a hacker group who stole millions of sensitive user information. It doesn’t seem like a big deal until it happens to your own business and you end up becoming a victim.

The reason why online privacy and good cybersecurity matter for businesses is because not addressing these aspects can bring your company down to its knees in the worst case scenario. Your customers, both loyal and not, will lose faith in your ability to protect the personal information they supply to you – they will naturally expect the worst and will not want to share things like credit card details with your company. For an online entity, no payment details simply means no payments.

The silver lining is this though; it appears as if a growing number of companies are beginning to take their own online security more seriously. They are hiring experts in a number of fields in an attempt to prove to their customers and clients that the company genuinely cares about making sure no one has unauthorised access to their information. Whether it’s on the legal side of the cybersecurity spectrum, like Goodwin, or the technical side, like Nettitude, the market is growing for support in strengthening the defence against attackers.

Cybersecurity for Individuals: Why does it Matter?

It goes without saying that everyday members of the public need to know basic privacy and cybersecurity guidelines in order to prevent succumbing to things like malware and phishing scams. These ways of stealing your important data reap millions of dollars from unsuspecting victims every single year. You may be surprised to know that even many tech-savvy users end up having their information scraped and used against them, it’s not just the internet novices.

The most important information you need to protect is anything related to your finances; that means credit card information, bank details, some site account information, and more. There is nothing worse than checking your accounts to find out they have been cleared by someone who has gotten a hold of your data. Two pieces of good news, however, is that most banks and credit issuers can reimburse any losses you incur through fraudulent activity and that some basic cybersecurity precautions can dramatically reduce the risk of becoming a victim.

The next tier of data you should be protecting as an everyday member of the public is personal details, some of which may be particularly sensitive. There is a reason that medical institutions spend so much time, effort, and money protecting their digital patient records – people do not want others knowing about their personal issues. Even if you are someone who doesn’t really fuss over whether people know your address or personal phone number, it is always worth reviewing the privacy policies of websites that collect this information.

By just applying a cautious approach to who submit your data to and being on the lookout for phishing scam emails from fraudsters, you can successfully keep your information safe in most cases.

Take a Proactive Approach to Your Online Privacy

The best thing you can do, as either an individual or as a business of any size, is to read up on best practice for online privacy and cybersecurity. By following these tried-and-tested rules, you make it that much more difficult for the wrong people to get a hold of your important and private information.

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